Important reasons for the high Cricket betting popularity

On the one hand, Cricket is almost unknown in many parts of the world, but here in India, there are tens of millions of fans. In fact, watching the IPL matches is the most popular form of entertainment in the whole country, with loyal fans and PRO bettors. That’s why the matches like Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings or between other leading IPL clubs always get a lot of attention. This level of popularity became possible through the rapid development of Cricket betting in recent years as different global websites offer instant access to all the main cricket events in the world.

There are other important reasons for the high Cricket betting popularity. About some of them, you will read below. But keep in mind that cricket betting comes about throughout the IPL season, it is still illegal in India. Several local sites exist in India but only horse racing is legal so players use the underground cricket world there. But an Indian government is already considering the issue of legalization. Here are some main reasons for that:

  • The legalization of cricket betting helps to fight match-fixing. In other countries, the legalization question is resolved for making money. At the same time, here in India, the main reason for the legalization of Cricket betting is an attempt to control this business and to interfere with fixed matches.
  • Money goes abroad. Despite the fact of the illegality of Cricket betting most of the population here has access to all the main events. But all the sportsbooks here are international companies without real offices in India. All they need to earn the money on the Indian bettors – internet. That’s why money from Cricket betting in the full amount goes abroad!

As you can see the government already has some important reasons for Cricket betting legalization. But why does it not even hurry and online betting is still illegal? The main reason here is that the government still can’t finish the scheme of how to fight against the sportsbooks without any license. The whole process continues from 2016 and even in 2022, there is no exact date of the Cricket betting legalization in India. That is so sad because most sports bets in India are also made on cricket (according to unofficial statistics). There are no official statistics on this matter, and there is a very simple reason for that – any sports betting in India is prohibited.

The only legal entertainment is a lottery. The corresponding bill was discussed at the meeting in 1998. And from that time till now there has been no progress. But all the bettors and netting businesses are waiting for the bill about the legalization of the games of chance. Sure today there are lots of opportunities for those who want to bet on such prestigious events as the Indian Premier League or some international tournaments. And the illegality of that type of entertainment doesn’t stop them at all. That’s why the only injured party here is the state so soon the government will try to change that and start earning some money on that.

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