How to Take Professional Headshots in Maryland with Your Phone

Everyone loves to take some good-quality pictures. But going to a studio for professional images can be expensive. Now you can take professional headshots Maryland with your phone. Smartphone cameras are now getting a lot better and take quality images.

A professional headshot using a phone does require a little effort. But by making these little efforts, you can get the perfect shot. Also, you can save money by not paying an enormous amount to professional photographers. And once you get the trick, you can click images at your home very quickly.

Tips to get a professional headshot:

To take a professional headshot, you can follow the following tips:

  • Choose the right background:

If you like to click indoors, try to have a background with a single colour. Standing in front of a wall with white or any light colour looks better. If you don’t have an excellent indoor location, you can use a plane sheet or any one-colour cloth as your background.

If you want to click images outside in nature, you can go to any park near you or be in front of your house. Make sure that the place where you are clicking pictures is not full of people. Look for a less crowded place so that you can click photographs peacefully.

  • Adjust the light:

While taking a professional headshot, good lighting matters a lot. Better lighting means a good and natural image. Look for a place where you can get the natural sunlight, like standing in front of your window or door. You can also use a ring-light for indoor shots.

If you want to take an outdoor headshot, ensure that you don’t stand directly in front of the sun. That can make your headshot look unreal and too bright. Get the perfect lighting area for a professional headshot. 

  • Set your phone:

Go to your camera settings and adjust it for better and professional headshots. Minor changes in the camera can make your pictures look amazing. Turn on the HDR option so that you can have clear and enhanced colours in your headshots.

Also, don’t use the flashlight of your mobile; instead, use natural lighting. Try to put your phone’s brightness complete so that you can have a bright and clear view.

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  • Use a tripod:

In case you are alone and don’t have someone to take your headshots. You can use a tripod. Adjust the tripod according to your light and background. Before clicking pictures, ensure that you are entirely in the frame and the angle is perfect.

  • Put your phone on timer mode:

For clicking your pictures, put your phone on timer mode. That way, you can get much time to adjust yourself and be at the perfect angle. You can also turn on the burst mode for continuous images. So, that you will get a lot of options in a single frame, and you can choose the best one.

  • Try to pose differently:

Standing in one pose is not a good option. Try to pose differently with different clothes. You can take some pictures with a smile and some without smiling. Also, don’t stand straight; try to tilt your body and give a side pose. That will help you to look slim and attractive.

  • Edit your images:

To get a professional headshot, you need to edit the images before. You can use different editing applications to make your headshot look entirely professional. Enhancing and adjusting the brightness, colours and contrast can provide a great look to your pictures. But don’t overdo the editing; otherwise, it will look fake.

You can take the perfect and professional headshots Maryland with your phone by putting a little effort into it. Choosing the right background with ideal lighting can enhance the beauty of your images. I hope now you know how to take a professional headshot on your own.

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