How to score in SOF IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)

Science Olympiad Foundation hosts examinations with the idea of sparking young minds and identifying future scientists and nurturing them. These competitive exams are held for classes 1-12 and have a huge impact on the lives of students. These exams are one of the first few competitive examinations for the students. These exams will help the students to aim higher than they would. Competition results in students putting in a lot of effort. Students need to know what they should aim for and have goals to achieve something, these exams help with that. Students need to prepare well for these examinations. The students might be afraid of the competition but can learn to beat it with discipline and perseverance. Students need to work hard on their preparation. They will get practice with competitive exams when they prepare for examinations like these. They can find themselves fearing these competitive examinations less as they practice more and more and write more of the competitive examinations. Preparation cannot take the students that far, they need to stay confident and believe in themselves. They must have trust in themselves when they enter the examination hall.

1. NCERT Textbook

For whichever class students are from, they need to know that the NCERT textbook forms the foundation of their course. NCERT textbook is an important resource for the students. They help the students a huge amount and help them to answer anything that comes in front of them. Building a strong foundation is important for the students and they need to realize its importance and this is where NCERT textbooks will help immensely. Students can find a large number of questions in the textbook and this will help them to get a strong understanding of the concepts. They need to maintain a strong pace while answering the questions. Developing a good pace is vital for the students to score higher. As ‘time marks’ for the students, they will have more time to work on the rest of the questions. Time management is an important skill for the students to master. On mastering time management, students can achieve great heights. This will take them a huge way in their future competitive examinations. Competition is always there for the students to face, rising against and facing the competition is what the students need to do. 

2. Sample papers

SOF IMO Sample Papers will be a great resource for the students which they can use to develop their skills. Sample papers help the students to understand the type of questions that they will face in their examination. Knowing what type of questions will come against them will help them to prepare accordingly. They can know which of their concepts they need to focus more upon. Sampling the types of questions that come is an important thing for the students. Analyzing the patterns in the paper will help them realize which of the questions are repeating every year or has more focus on. Studying these topics will help the students to score high. Students still need to prepare well for the other concepts as well, but just have to make sure that they study these concepts thoroughly. Studying every topic thoroughly is important for them. Sample papers can be solved with a timer for them to practice finishing the paper. Mock papers can be done in their homes with the seriousness of an actual examination. Students can see how they fare at these mock exams. This will help them to improve themselves in the topics they are weak in. Students need to have the ultimate goal to develop themselves and to solve the sample paper mimicking their final competitive examination.

3. Reference Books and other reading materials

Students can find plenty of resources out there that can be of use to them. Students must be careful with their choice of the resource as a bad resource material can be a waste of their time. They must find a textbook that is suitable for the job that they are trying to accomplish. Students must always remember that there are materials out there that are not worthy of the money or the time that is invested in them. Students must take reference book recommendations from their peers, seniors, or their teachers. In this way, they can make sure that the material they will use is of good quality. NCERT textbooks in themselves are enough to help the students score high, this is because the textbooks are built for the students to build their concepts thoroughly. Thorough building of concepts can be ensured with the help of the NCERT textbooks along with additional practice from other reference books. Reference books are needed for the students who find it tough to use the NCERT textbooks or students who need extra questions to add to their knowledge. The correct and decent usage of additional sources of information will sharpen your knowledge of the concepts.  

Caring for mental and physical health is a factor that is ignored by a lot of students. This comes as the most important aspect of the preparation process. Preparing for a competitive examination is a tough thing for students and they can mentally prepare themselves for that. They must be able to give themselves time to exercise every day. Exercise helps the students to stay active and grasp concepts quickly. Exercising keeps the brain active and will keep the students healthy. Taking proper breaks between the study sessions is necessary for the students. This is important for them as the knowledge they gain must be given enough time to settle down into their brains. Students must learn to balance academics with everything else in their life. 

By following the above-given steps, students can make sure that they give their best for the mathematics olympiad. These steps can be followed for the other olympiads as well. Students can realize that their efforts bear fruit when they work on their progress with competitive examinations like the SOF IMO. Just stick to your plan of action. 

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