How to Maintain and Store Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs are known for being lightweight and comfortable. Not only does the lace front wig give a natural appearance but it also lets the hair underneath be fresh and sweat-free. The sheer lace at the front allows the air to flow freely and the hair can grow without the hassle of sweat and sebum buildup if maintained correctly. Lace front wigs are very versatile and can be easily styled in a variety of ways. Lace wigs can be expensive depending upon the type of lace, hair, length, quality, and the manufacturing brand. Here is how you can properly store and maintain your lace front wigs so that they can last longer. 

How to Maintain Lace Front Wigs?

1. Be Gentle

Be gentle while using the lace front wigs. Scratching, tugging, and washing your wig vigorously causes damage to the wig and the wig’s hair may also start to fall off. 

2. Detangle the Wig Hair 

Brush your wig regularly and properly. Use a clean comb and start by detangling the hair from the tips. You can work your way upwards and then comb downward gently when your reach the roots. Combing your wig this way will prevent hair tugging and resultant hair loss. 

3. Protect Your Wig From Heat

Wigs are known to protect your scalp from the scorching heat of the sun. However, excessive heat while remaining outside for long as well as excessive heat from hair styling damages the wig foundation. 

4. Haircare Products for Wigs 

Use the correct products while washing and conditioning the wig. Products with an acidic pH are good for the lace front wigs, especially the ones made of natural human hair. On the contrary, hair products with alkaline pH and high alcohol content will lead to hair damage and increased tangling of hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for your wig to prolong its usage. 

5. Sleeping with Lace Front Wigs 

If you are wearing your wig to the bed, make sure you comb the hair, wrap the wig, and tie a silk or satin scarf on your head. This will prevent the tangling of hair while you are asleep.

6. Circulate the Wigs

Rather than washing and using one wig continuously, it is better to have 2-3 wigs so that you can minimize washing which damages the wigs otherwise. 

7. Heat Styling

Before using styling tools, use a heat-protectant serum to minimize heat-associated damage to the wig hair.

How to Store Lace Front Wigs 

Follow these simple steps while storing your wig to make your wigs last longer. 

  1. Clean your wig thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry before storing it. 
  2. Keep your wig away from direct sunlight and hot areas. This will fade the color and damage the hair fibers of your lace front wig. Cool dry areas are the best option for storing your wig. 
  3. Use hairnets while storing your wigs. This will help preserve the wig style and keep everything in place.
  4. Use a wig stand to store your wig. If you don’t have one, fold your wig from ear to ear and slip it into a clean plastic bag.

Adequate maintenance and correct storing techniques are imperative to the longevity of wigs. Above mentioned methods will not help you take care of your wig but will also help you collect a wide range of wigs over time.  

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