How To Identify an Area for Copper Mining?

If you search the historical aspects of copper you will get to know that this metal has its roots way back in history. Different cultures and nations used copper for various purposes. Just like today in those times copper was mined and converted into the pure form through various ancient techniques.

Evidence of copper was found way back in 10,000 BC and by 5000 BC smelting technique was discovered through which the copper was converted into pure forms. Egyptians used copper a lot for various medicinal and daily purposes.

Moreover copper has also been quite an important element of the Romans and it got its name “Cuprum” and “cuprous” from the Romans.

Areas Where Copper Comes From

Now before starting a hunt of your own, let’s get to know where copper actually comes from and what area right now this metal occupies. Almost around 1.6 billion tons of copper is said to be found on the earth that is accessible for mining. And it is also believed that copper is also found in the deep sea nodules although not equal to the amount mentioned but still it’s in billions of tons.

Copper is mostly found in the open pit but there is also an area where it is present deep in the rocks. This metal almost covers the whole earth but the most common areas where it is being mined are Utah, New Mexico, and Chile. Moreover, it is also present in areas like the United States, Peru, and Indonesia. Some parts of Europe also cover some great big copper mines. These are the areas where different companies are already working for copper mining. Besides these companies, Solaris Resources is also working to discover more and more areas like Warintza.

Areas Where You Can Start Looking for Copper

For those who want to look at copper mines or are companies that are looking to invest in a copper business or are interested in mining copper. Then before you start the hunt on your own, do contact the geologist or any of the experts of geology. These types of experts already have the experience in their fields and they can teach you some of the techniques from studying the land to testing the ores. Nowadays locating the copper mines is not as easy as it was. Contact the geological company of the US or any of the continents where you are going to find the copper mines. And obtain the geological survey reports to get to the most possible outlines.

You can start by looking for the igneous rocks or also called the lava rocks. They can be found in areas like Arizona, Michigan, or the Peninsula. Copper is usually a component of igneous rocks. These deposits are termed the porphyry copper deposits.

Moreover, you can also go for the rocks that have green freckles on them as a greenish hue is the characteristic of copper.


As we all know copper is quite useful due to its ductile and malleable properties. Moreover, it can be converted into various forms and is a good conductor, hence, going for copper for the construction of various tools is the best choice. With the increasing demands, more copper is needed in the world. Various companies are working on different projects to extend the copper mining, of which notable is the Warintza project in the Warintza central.

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