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How to choose a roof to make the house cool

Building a house, the top part that must be taken into account is a house that is cool and comfortable. because our country is a hot country. There is sunshine all year round. Also, the cost of electricity is getting more and more expensive. Which is an important part in the fight against heat is the first line of the house.

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That is, the roof itself. If we choose a roof that can prevent heat. Our beautiful home stays cool all year round. So how to choose a roof to make the house cool as if it were in nature? Let’s read this article.

1. Choose a shape to suit the weather in Thailand.

A house that is good and suitable for the weather in Thailand should have a tall and airy shape. There is a roof atrium to open space for hot air masses to float up. causing the evacuation and recirculation of air for cooling and the roof should have a high degree of slope

such as gable roofs, manila roofs and hipped roofs. This will make the area exposed to sunlight less than the flat roof. Also when the sunlight changes to the other side As a result, the opposite sides create shadows to help obscure each other as well.

2. Choose a light tone to reflect sunlight.

The light-colored roof affects the heat and cooling of the house as well. Because the light colored roof will accumulate less heat than the dark color. Because some light can not be absorbed, but will reflect light or Reflection light away instead.

such as white, light green, gray, but if any house wants to control the intensity of the house by using a dark roof should choose the material insulated roof that has been coated with a color layer that has heat-reflecting properties to help reduce heat under the roof instead

3. Roofing material that prevents heat

The selection of roofing materials greatly contributes to the reduction of heat for the beloved home. At present, the most popular material used for roofing is roof tile Due to the appearance and reasonable price There are many styles to choose from to suit every style of home.

But the type that is outstanding in heat protection is ceramic tile Because it is durable, good heat protection. Tile texture retains less heat. heat dissipation quickly There is also another option that is equally interesting.

is fiber cement tile It is a similar low thermal conductivity material. can effectively prevent heat

4. Appropriate eaves overhang

The suitability of the eaves distance is another important factor in reducing the heat under the roof. Because in addition to the roof will help block the sun and rain. It also helps to cool down the roof to make the house more cool. In general, the appropriate eaves overhang

For sunscreen, it will be at 1.00 – 1.80 meters, depending on each room. Therefore, it has to be designed by experts. to get the proper structure

5. Install insulation.

Roof insulation (Insulation) or heat shield It’s another way to keep the house cool. That can be used with new and old houses in order to reduce the heat energy that enters the house. Most of them are installed in the ceiling area, under the roof.

to prevent the heat received from the roof directly by the thermal efficiency of Insulation that homeowners can consider from Thermal insulation value or R-value. The thick insulation has a high R-value as well.

roof insulation The most commonly used is sheet insulation. Because it is easy to buy Can be installed manually both under the roof and under the ceiling. It also has a long period of use. And helps prevent mold, insects and animals, safely.

Not flame retardant. There are also 4 sub-categories of insulation according to the material of the insulation.

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