How to buy safe toys for your children?

When you have children, you cannot be done with shopping until you buy them toys. It is a time taking process as you have to decide on a safe toy. It is because children bite the toys as well. When you are in a toy shop, you feel confused between colors and designs. Moreover, you may also wonder if the toy is age-relevant or not. Whether your children will like it or not. Is the toy material child friendly? Any side effects associated with the toy? It is pretty hard to find a safe toy for your child.

When you have these many questions in mind, you cannot make a decision. This blog will help let you skim through the stuffed toys as they are the safest choices. You should buy a toy that is made of washable material and the stuff is eco-friendly. Let’s explore what things you should remember when you are shopping for safe stuffed toys for children.

Things to remember while buying toys

Don’t buy toys with long strings

The first reminder is checking for strings. If the toy stylishster any, don’t buy it. It is because the baby may wrap it around the neck and choke. Moreover, the child may swallow the strings as they like to bite everything they have.

Inspect the toy’s removable parts

When you are buying a plastic toy or a warrior character, remind them that they have removable parts. If you are buying a stuffed toy, it may have removable eyeglasses and buttons. They are too tiny and can be swallowed. Hence, remember to read the user manual to make sure that your children have safe playtime.

Don’t buy toys that have batteries

Batteries are much smaller than those nose buttons in baby toys. These small batteries are easily swallowed by children. If you wish to purchase a soft stuffed toy that uses electricity, make sure the battery panel is secured with screws so that children cannot easily open it.

Ignore the toys that have sharp edges

Some toys may be semi-stuffed and also contain plastic parts. So, look up for the sharp edges.

Look-up for high-quality toys

Don’t search for cheap toys, rather, search for high-quality toys. Also, check if the knitting is tight enough. You should not buy toys with poor stitching quality. Your baby will play rigorously with the toy-like pulling and pushing it. So, they can tear the toy and bite the stuffed material in no time.

Buy the right-sized toys

It is not a good idea to buy a big teddy bear for your 1-year-old child. It would scare them. Next, even if your child is comfortable with big toys, don’t buy them because it involves the risk of falling on them.

Jellycat – Manufacturer of Stuffies

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