How To Browse Crypto Prices With KuCoin

Finding information regarding a specific crypto currency can prove difficult, but with a great and easy-to-use platform such as Kucoin, everything becomes much easier. With Kucoin, you can easily find the prices of each crypto currency from its market section. Let us delve deeper into how you can browse crypto currency prices such as USDT prices on this crypto trading platform.

Methods Of Browsing Crypto Prices

Kucoin is an exceptional altcoin exchange where you can look up prices with different methods; these methods include peer-to-peer prices, fast buy prices, and market prices, sometimes called third-party prices.

1 Market Prices

To look up the market prices of crypto currencies, you will have to click on the market section atop the homepage of Kucoin. Afterward, you will be shown a list of crypto currencies, their prices, twenty-four-hour change, volume, market cap, and the operation you want to perform. If the crypto currency you want is not listed, all you have to do is click on the search bar above the list on the right, write the name of the desired crypto currency, and press enter. This action will lead you to a page where the desired crypto currency information is shown in a list.

2 Peer-To-Peer Prices

This method is more customizable, meaning you can change the prices per coin and the currency you want to be paid in exchange for yours. To browse P2P prices, move your cursor to the ‘Buy Crypto’ option at the top left of the homepage, then click on P2P; from there, you can search for your desired currency, and the information regarding the currency will be shown.

3 Fast Buy

The fast buy option allows the users to use their credit or debit card to exchange fiat currency for crypto currency. To browse crypto prices on fast buy, hover the cursor on the ‘Buy Crypto’ option at the top left of the homepage, and click on Fast Trade; then, you can choose between credit or debit cards. Here, you can click on the drop-down menu that says ‘I want to buy’ and click on the crypto currency you want to buy. You can also click on ‘I want to spend’ to open a drop-down menu and choose the currency you want to spend in exchange for the crypto currency you want to buy.

4 Third-Party Prices

Third-party prices are usually more than normal market prices, that is because the third parties charge a fee for their services. To browse third parties prices, click on the buy crypto tab, then proceed to the third-party option; there, you can browse the crypto currency prices you want. Third parties on Kucoin include Banxa, Simplex, and BTC direct.


In the end, Kucoin is a great platform for all your crypto currency needs because it has several methods of payment, over 500 crypto currencies, and an exceptional security system that is managed by a team of competent professionals. On Kucoin, you can browse crypto currencies using 4 methods, all of which are easy to navigate.

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