How Does Crypto SEO Increase My Blockchain Brand’s Awareness

The vast majority of blockchain companies overlook crypto SEO. Considering that blockchain was only established in 2008, many crypto companies believe you can skip SEO and still rise through the Google rankings.

This is definitively not the case.

In fact, employing crypto SEO as part of your blockchain company’s digital marketing plan has a large span of benefits. Google Rankings aside, by crafting a solid SEO strategy, you’ll be able to:

  • Boost exposure
  • Gain new investors
  • Go viral within crypto community channels

And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to increase your blockchain company’s brand awareness through crypto SEO.

Let’s take a look at exactly how cryptocurrency SEO is so effective.

What is Crypto SEO?

On top of traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices like optimizing structures and link building, crypto SEO takes into account specialized keywords that relate to the blockchain community.

Additionally, crypto SEO focuses on improving content that directly benefits the cryptocurrency community. By conducting research within crypto spaces and acquisition channels, you’ll be able to rank within these spaces. Due to this, more people that are interested in IDO projects and blockchain will stumble across your content.

Crypto SEO at heart is about ensuring that your blockchain content is optimized so it will rank well, get noticed within crypto spaces, and in turn help build your brand identity.

Recent research by GuerrillaBuzz revealed a direct correlation between the amount of keywords a blockchain company ranks for and the amount their IDO project raises.

How does crypto SEO increase my blockchain company’s brand awareness?

To accurately chart how crypto SEO increases brand awareness, we’ll have to take a step back and look at the whole process. These changes will most likely happen in order, yet also symbiotically link between each other.

1 – Well Optimized Content Increases Your Google Ranking in Blockchain Related Keywords

By conducting advanced keyword research, you’ll be able to craft content that the crypto community is actively searching for. With SEO on this written content, you’ll begin to rank much higher on the Google ranking pages.

Considering that websites on the first page of Google receive 90% of clicks, your business should be doing everything they can to rise through the ranks.

2 – With Higher Rankings Comes More Traffic

As stated above, the higher you are within the Google rankings for a certain keyword, the more likely you are to then capture a portion of the clicks for a blockchain-related keyword.

As your site begins to pop up onto that first page, a larger number of people will begin to click on your site, garnering you more traffic.

Considering that the first result on Google gets over 30% of the traffic, it’s a good idea to get as close to this spot as possible.

3 – More traffic and higher rankings then boost blockchain brand awareness

So, you’ve made it to the first page – excellent job, your crypto SEO has worked a trick.

Now you’re there, a larger number of people are going to be clicking on your website. At the very least, they might read the title of your website before clicking on another link.

These two actions give users an interaction, be it direct or indirect, with your content. Doing this builds up a level of certain level of familiarity.

If you continually post interesting and useful content that directly responds to qualms and queries from the blockchain community, the number of keywords you rank for will rise.

Suddenly, by investing in crypto SEO, you’ll begin to surpass the majority of other blockchain brands. As most of them ignore crypto SEO all together, their loss will be your gain! You’ll rise through the rankings one keyword after another.

As you do so, more people will keep laying eyes on your company. Over time, this familiarity will increase to such an extent that you begin to establish yourself as an expert within the field.

This is why one of the core steps of crypto SEO strategy is keyword research – you want to be ranking for a large quantity of keywords related to your blockchain niche.

To summarize the process of how you can use crypto SEO to establish your blockchain brand’s brand awareness:

  • Crypto SEO leads to better rankings on Google searches
  • A higher ranking leads to more clicks and more eyes on your content
  • Repeating this process for many keywords significantly increases your brand exposure
  • With more exposure comes a greater brand awareness within the crypto community

Final Thoughts

A strong crypto SEO strategy can transform your brand awareness, supercharging how familiar the blockchain community is with your brand.

The only thing you need to do is begin!

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