How Can Teachers Track Student’s Behaviour in Classroom?

It is necessary to check student behavior in the classroom with their classmate as like their performance. The methods of tracking the behavior of students need to be friendly. In simple words, you don’t need to shame students or punish them hard as it might negatively affect their mindset. Creating innovative ideas to guide the students in the right way is a challenging task for teachers.

There are many options available that can help the teacher make positive changes and correct the mistake of students during the learning process. However, many of the trackers can also help in making the class more interesting for students. Below, we are coming with some fantastic ideas that can help the teacher bring positive change in student mindset, just like how children enjoy!

Keep Data Sheet of Student Behaviour

Remember the days when you get rewarded for cleanliness, attendance, test, and exam results. A behavior chart can help the teachers to observe the student activity closely. Make the chart with rows and columns that include their behavior such as punctuality, disturbances in classes, Correct dress code, Participation in different activities, Marks in the examination, and others.

You can add the columns depending upon the activities you want to observe. The teacher needs to analyze these charts on a monthly and weekly basis. Ask the students to get their report signed by parents. This data chart sheet gives the warning to students to correct their mistakes.

Trach the Behaviour of Students with Different Games

What do you think about the idea game that will help boost the student’s moral qualities? You can ask students to fill the chart mentioned their name on it. A point is rewarded every single time students make the right decision or complete a task. The main aim of this game is to make as maximum points as they can. The student will receive total points, will win the task, and get rewarded by teachers. Rewards will motivate and encourage the students to perform well in such games. Moreover, the teacher can also disclose the prize with students in starting this activity game.

How About Maths and Tracking?

Tracking student behavior with number lines is one of the most trusted and reliable methods used by teachers. Rate the behavior of students on a scale of 0-10. The teacher lets every student know about the rules that need to be followed in the classroom. Clear the marking system and procedure with students. It will make them familiar with assessments rules. They will try and perform to get the most points in comparison to other students. The teacher can give a good score for positive behavior and a zero if the student does something wrong. The score will be analyzed and announce in the class every day. Students who score less on a particular day will try to improve to match the score at the end of the month.

Make a Behaviour Chart of Students for Tracking Them

It is a practical and most effective approach to track how students behave in online education app. The chart needs to include all the timetables of the day along with lunchtime and short break. In this chart, the individual teacher in each period will give points to students depending upon their behavior in particular live classes. It will help in analyzing the student’s performance in each period and an overall average in a day.


The tips mentioned above can help you in tracking student behavior. Moreover, with such analysis, you can easily help them grow with a positive mindset and be responsible citizens. These activities include the spice of fun with it to make it more interesting for children. In addition, rewards also help increase students’ participation in any activities, whether you are using online teaching apps or the classroom as a medium to share your knowledge. It will be helpful if you keep these points in mind.

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