How Cable Internet Works?

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  • What Is Cable Internet?
  • How Does Cable Internet Work?
  • Cable Internet: What is It Used for?
  • Why People Are Switching From Cable to Fiber Internet?
  • Bottom Line

Spectrum cable internet is one of the multiple ways to gain access to the online world. Operating over coaxial cable TV lines, cable internet grasps some cable TV channel space for itself and offers you high-speed broadband service to watch all the trending YouTube videos you want. But how does cable internet work? Let’s find out! Click here to read more

What Is Cable Internet?

Cable Internet is a kind of high-speed connection that utilizes already-existing cable TV infrastructure to deliver internet service to its customers. For this reason, the network that delivers your cable TV connection is the same that gives you access to the Internet.

Therefore, cable Internet plans usually come bundled with cable TV channels, and the service often comes from your local cable TV service provider.

How Does Cable Internet Work?

If you are interested in getting cable internet for your home, you need two things:

  1. A modem device inside your house.
  2. A coaxial cable or wire that runs from your modem to the cable modem termination system (CMTS) is located at the site of your internet service provider.

In simple words, cable Internet functions by connecting your modem to the CMTS through a coaxial cable. The high data transfer rate of these cables makes it faster than satellite, DSL, fixed wireless, and even fiber internet too at times.

First, your ISP transmits a data signal via the coaxial cable into your home — specifically, to your modem. The modem then connects to your router or computer via an Ethernet cable. This way you get access to a high-speed broadband connection. If you have a router or intend to purchase one, you can easily extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

Cable internet service providers transfer data between servers using a coaxial cable, and since TV itself occupies only a small portion of the cable’s bandwidth, it allows internet service to smoothly operate within the same network.

Cable Internet: What is It Used for?

Cable internet allows users to access the internet through a fast broadband connection. Unlike dial-up and DSL, which are available at multiple speed levels, cable internet offers a connection as fast as cable TV transmissions. It can be up to 10x faster than both dial-up and DSL internet services.

Cable internet is also a good tool for people, who spend the most time working or playing games online and wish to have a smooth online experience — free of all kinds of disruptions. Besides uninterrupted service, cable internet is also effective for conducting real-time video conferences and sending important messages.

Why People Are Switching From Cable to Fiber Internet?

Most households may not require a strong network like fiber internet but business owners need to invest in this latest technology to ensure their signal quality does not get affected. With that said, fiber has multiple advantages over cable internet.

In cable broadband, the strength of signals depends on the proximity — computers, mobile phones, and other devices that are present away from the switch will get weak or unreliable signals compared to equipment placed nearer. Whereas with a fiber internet connection, you get to benefit from powerful signals even at a greater distance, resulting in fewer connectivity problems.

A fiber-optic connection is resistant to various human interferences that affect cables since you have to physically cut fiber connections to intervene, making it more likely to remain intact. Malicious attackers, hackers, and data thieves can easily interfere with cable internet connections, switching to fiber-optic will result in increased security for your home and business.

Bottom Line

Cable internet is definitely a worthwhile option for many internet users. What matters the most is cable internet providers’ availability in your region. Also, make sure the provider you choose offers prompt support like Spectrum customer service, which is always available to help when you stumble upon an issue or have a question.

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