Honor Magic Watch 2: Impressive Design and Functions

Apart from the Band series, Honor has recently released the second edition of its Magic Watch wearable.

For a younger audience, the Honor Magic Watch 2’s design and functions are expanded upon with new working-out tracking functions and aspects for a more active lifestyle.

While Google software is never available on Honor’s wearables, the company has complete creative control over affordable and feature-rich merchandise.

Honor has unveiled its first smartwatch after the wake from the Huawei prohibition, which is a sneak peek at what’s to come from the company.

Design of the Honor Magic Watch 2

The Honor Magic Watch 2 is the perfect blend of style and technology. With four different band options, you can find one that fits your personal preference to create an elegant look for any occasion!

The 46mm model is the newest addition to our line of watches. It offers an innovative design with higher quality materials and strong battery life than other models in its class, all while having a less likely chance at breaking due to superior durability that was evident when testing against rough treatment such as dropping on floors or being hit by chairs!

For people who want to save money but don’t want to lose out on these benefits, the 42mm version is a superior alternative.

The watchband choices are adundant, it has black fluoroelastomer, brown leather, and rose gold. They look as beautiful as their names. You may perform a loop with the Miliane depending on the option you pick.

Display of Honor Magic Watch 2

The Honor Magic Watch 2’s AMOLED displays are 1.2 inches wid in the 42mm and 1.39 inches wide at their widest points in 46mm versions. They have enough brightness (800 NITs).

Although it’s fantastic to have colorful watch faces on a device that will mostly be displaying digital things, there aren’t many cases where you’ll want one.

Users can’t pick their own pictures as the watch’s wallpaper in the health app attached named Huawei Health while testing the Magic Watch 2. However, it’s possible that this option will be available to future upgrades.

Fitness of Honor Magic Watch 2

You can track your fitness with the Honor Magic Watch 2, ranging from basic modes like jogging or climbing to specialized ones such as triathlons and yoga. While running may be used for many different activities on this watch’s menu screen.

The upgrade to 50 meters of water resistance is available, allowing anyone who does not want a fragile swimming watch to use it.

What’s more, this smartphone includes multiple operating modes. You can choose from thirteen different “running classes” that will accompany you all the way, from indoor warm-ups to finishing, indoor to outdoor.

You may switch off or make the companion’s voice quieter with Bluetooth headphones if you don’t like to hear it through this watch’s speaker.

Battery Life of Honor Magic Watch 2

The battery life on the Honor Magic watch2 is great for people who don’t like their watch to quit in the middle of an important meeting or event. It charges quickly, too!

The Verdict

You’ll never have to worry about your watch quitting on you in the middle of an important meeting or event with this fantastic device. The battery life is so long, it will last for days even when compared to other wearables!

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