Home Remedies For Treating Skin Tags

Skin tags are a commonly diagnosed growth. Certain methods of home expulsion are more effective than others. On the other side, physicians usually warn against their usage.

Around 50% of people have skin tags. They are not harmful to the body, although they may be inconvenient.

While the majority of skin tags do not require treatment even they are harmless and will fall off under their own, a doctor may prescribe a minor medical procedure to remove those that cause skin irritation or cause discomfort. Additionally, skin tags may be removed for aesthetic reasons, particularly if they are located on exposed areas of the body, such as the face.

Natural Treatments

Certain techniques for eradicating skin tags at home are more successful and safe than others. Additionally, there are other goods available for the this purpose. Consult your physician before doing any of the following:

Skin tag removal bands and patches

A skin tag removal is used to cut off from the blood supply to the root of the skin tag. Without the need for a blood flow, the dead cells and the tag falls off. This is known as ligation.

The cleaning patches include medication. If a patch is left on it for many days or weeks, the tag may slip off.

Hair removal creams

These creams are beneficial in some instances. Dr. Mokaya recommends avoiding treatments containing acetic acid and tea tree oil since they might cause skin irritation and induce contact dermatitis.

According to the guidelines for some of these creams, cleaning the skin with just an alcoholic swab and filed down the tag before to applying the cream ensures that it is absorbed efficiently by the skin.

According to the labelling on several of these products, the skin tag will peel off within 2–3 weeks.

Freezer kits

In a clinical context, health providers utilise liquid nitrogen to eliminate unwanted skin tissue. The name “cryotherapy” refers to this sort of treatment. As is typical, strictly adhere to the guidelines. Individuals may need to use the product many times even before development is removed.

While using home chilling kits, avoid coming into touch with the skin surrounding. Apply moisturiser to the area around the tag make sure to remove it to protect the surface.

Tea tree oil is an antimicrobial that is found in nature.

Green tree oil is a popular that is beneficial in the treatment of a number of skin conditions. According to anecdotal evidence, it may aid in the removal of skin tags. Individuals who try it put a drop of oil on a cotton swab and wrap it with a bandage around the skin tag. Three times a day, for 10 minutes each time, they put the cotton swab to the skin tag. The tag may come off over a period of days or weeks. On either hand, tea tree oil are used with care as it may irritate delicate skin. This oil is not recommended for use on eye tags.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple juice acid has not been thoroughly examined to determine if it can be used to eliminate skin tags. Many individuals who do this wet a cotton swab in vinegar and bandage it to the tag for ten min 2 to 3 times a day, till the tag slides off. However, keep a watch out for indications of skin inflammation and quit usage if any occur. Acv is very acidic and, if drunk in excessive amounts, may potentially cause burning. It should never be used in close proximity to the eyes.


According to anecdotal information, fluid iodine may be used to remove skin tags. There is, however, less strong evidence to prove this. Anyone interested in attempting should first cover the skin surrounding the tag with jelly or coconut oil. Following that, dampen a Q-tip with iodine and dab it on the tag. Cover an area with a cloth until the salt has dried. This method should be repeated twice day until the tag slips off.

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