Handling The DUI Accidents with The Involvement of Pedestrians In Houston 

DUI has become a common cause of the maximum percentage of accidents around the world. Studies have shown that the accidents and collisions that were caused were because of the drivers driving the car under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. The cause of some fatal accidents was the same reason. 

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Pedestrian Accidents and Laws 

A pedestrian who gets hit by a car or vehicle because of a drunk or high driver can sue the driver. They can file a case of negligent driving on the driver and can get the right compensation for their loss. If there is a case of death of a pedestrian, then the relatives of the victim or the representatives can file a case against the driver. 

Risk Factors 

The accidents need not be just because of the drunk drivers or the drivers under the influence of some narcotics. Sometimes, drunk or high pedestrians can also become the main cause of accidents. Studies have shown that the pedestrians in the 65 or above-aged group may not survive the crash and end up dying from the accidents. 

Some of the factors that will influence the results of the accidents include, 

  • The time of the day when the accident happens 
  • The speed with which an automobile strikes the pedestrian 
  • Location of the accident 
  • Age of the victim, and so on. 

Compensation for the victims of the accident 

The severity of the accidents and the injuries to the pedestrians will decide the compensation that they will get from filing the case. The basic compensation may start from $50,000 and may change based on some of the important factors such as, 

  • The lost wages of the victim 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Suffering and pain 
  • Loss of getting back to their normal life

When there is an instance where you are a pedestrian and are hit by a vehicle of any kind, the first thing that you should do is find the help of an accident attorney. Every accident has a way of changing the life of the victim and the best way of getting compensation for your pain and suffering is with the help of the best representative for the case. 

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