GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program – Learn How To Earn 40% Commission Per Sale

Affiliate marketing is such a turnover career or side business for anyone, you can’t imagine how swiftly it turns the commission from hundreds to thousands. It is one of the lucrative paths especially if you are a marketer. Affiliate marketing requires time and effort but once you’ve hit it you’ll earn a hefty amount every month of a year. With recurring affiliate programs like ClickFunnels, Karta, and others, one can make money by promoting its products and services from any platform of their choice, however, there are some rules set by every company related to affiliate marketing which we will discuss later. 

In this blog, you’ll learn everything about the GrooveFunnels affiliate program, how it works and how you can be an affiliate marketer with them. 

  • What is GrooveFunnels? 

GrooveFunnels is a whole suite of marketing tools for business people, online marketers, and entrepreneurs to develop landing pages and sales funnels. It allows you to efficiently sell products and services in the digital market. 

You’ll probably know GrooveFunnels as “GrooveApps” earlier. As they have added plenty of other marketing tools like the Funnel building tool, shopping cart, landing page builder, or email service provider they changed its name on the official launch. You can get GrooveFunnels lifetime access for just $1397, which is pretty justified if you check their abundance of tools and features, also it is relatively less than other platforms. You can read the comprehensive GrooveFunnels review for more detailed insight.

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  • What is GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program? 

GrooveAffiliate is a well-known and flexible tool in GrooveFunnels for affiliate marketing. It enables you to pay directly from your single dashboard to all your affiliates and members. With GrooveAffiliate, you can hire marketers, manage commissions, conversion rates, payments, and much more. It also allows its users to promote its services, products, or courses to increase the affiliate ecosystem. 

2.1 GrooveFunnels Affiliate Payout Rate and How the Business Works? 

GrooveFunnels provides a 20% payout rate to free members on signs up of the Lifetime Membership of new users. Currently, you’ll find two pricing plans for your leads to sign up;

  • Free plan
  • Platinum lifetime plan. 

In GrooveFunnels, you’ll need to upgrade to the Platinum plan before getting paid commission. In the Platinum Lifetime plan, you’ll get access to tools for a lifetime for only $1,997 as a one-off payment. In this, you can earn a minimum of $399.40 on one sale of this plan. Grooveaffiliate provides weekly payouts instead of monthly. It is an excellent feature for an affiliate’s cash flow.

2.2 Way to Earn a 40% Commission Each Sale With Groovefunnels?

As you explore more, you’ll find the GrooveAffiliate program much more lucrative and interesting. If you join GrooveFunnels lifetime membership, you’ll earn the double amount of free membership which is 40% instead of 20. It is a direct sign-up award that costs approximately $398.40 on the free plan, but in the lifetime plan, your commission will rise to $798.80, which is multiplied by the cost of the Platinum yearly fee – $1,997 * 40%

In the platinum plan, you can also gain an extra multi-tier commission of 10% for your affiliate sales. Types of affiliate membership tiers are mentioned down below;

2.3 Groovefunnels Membership Types 

Below are the membership types of GrooveFunnels pricing in affiliate marketing. 

  •  Free Member 

In this plan, the payout Percentage is 20% when your affiliate upgrades to a paid membership because of your struggles.

  • Lifetime (Paid) member 

In this plan, the payout Percentage is 40% when your affiliate upgrades to a paid membership because of your hard work. It costs $1997 to become a Lifetime member and this offer is open only for a limited time. This deal allows you access to all the Groove tools for life. There are three methods to pay for the GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan:

  • $1,997 in a one-time payment 
  • $999 each in 2 installments 
  • $597 each in 6 installments 

3-Tier Payout Percentage 

You’ll also get 10% when your affiliate makes a sale. So, if you’re a paid member as an affiliate, your earnings double, for the same hard work! 

The best part is you don’t have to pay the full amount in one go, as there is an installment option which is pretty convenient for users.

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