Fun Gifts for Cannabis Enthusiasts

For some, cannabis is treated like a glass of wine at the end of a long day. For others, cannabis is more of a lifestyle. Both of these parties, however, could benefit from some extra tools that make it easier for them to enjoy their favorite substance when it comes time to light up and unwind. Do you have a friend or relative who uses marijuana recreationally or for medical purposes? If so, here are a few fun gifts for cannabis enthusiasts that they’re sure to love.

Help them unlock the full potential of hemp with CBD.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is not the only chemical in hemp that cannabis users may be interested in. Another chemical that’s really taking off is cannabidiol (CBD). Both of these substances belong to a larger group of substances known as cannabinoids, which affect receptors throughout the body found in the endocannabinoid system. Whereas THC does produce psychoactive effects, however, CBD does not. Instead, it’s said that CBD may be able to help you achieve a greater sense of ease, offering a more mellow experience in comparison.

If you know someone who’s been wanting to try CBD, see if you can figure out what exactly they would like to try. For example, one popular option is CBD oil. CBD oil is very easy to use, and you can adjust how much you take as you go to find your perfect CBD oil dosage. Everyone’s different and there are factors like age, size, and tolerance that will impact the experience. A gift like CBD oil allows your friend or family member to explore CBD in a way that other CBD products may not allow. Just make sure that you speak with them about what CBD is and recommend that they speak with their doctor so they can learn more about whether or not it’s right for them.

Look for products that help someone be more discreet.

Those who are out in the open about smoking don’t have to invest in extra tools to make their activities any less prominent. However, some people may want to be able to smoke without their family or employers noticing the smell or actually witnessing the smoking. Are there tools to make this happen? Absolutely!

If someone close to you enjoys smoking and wants to know how to get rid of weed smell, one of the best products to get them is a smoke odor eliminator. A great odor eliminator won’t just cover up the smell like an air freshener but break down the smoke on a molecular level so it leaves no trace behind. When combined with natural fragrances from essential oils and packaged in a convenient spritzer, an odor eliminator can be taken anywhere to ensure that no cannabis smoke stays behind or buries itself in its surroundings.

Another recommendation is to buy your friend or family member a portable dry herb vaporizer. A dry herb vaporizer uses conduction or convection heating to avoid combustion and vaporize the THC within your cannabis. While vapor still smells, it’s significantly less dense and pungent in comparison to cannabis smoke, making it easier to disperse when vaping in a well-ventilated area. Even better, vaping is an activity that can be done more discreetly as no one knows exactly what you’re vaping.

Make it easier for them to enjoy their cannabis.

There are plenty of great products out there designed to improve the smoking process. Just a few ideas that you could pursue include pre-rolled weed cones, automatic grinders, and storage jars for safekeeping. When it comes to cannabis, there are so many new innovations that have made it even easier to roll a joint and enjoy bud without all of the hassles of having to do it yourself.

The average cannabis enthusiast is living in an age where cannabis use is common and becoming legalized. For the cannabis enthusiast in your life, use some of the gift ideas above to find the perfect tools and products for their smoking sessions.

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