Four solutions to the problem of sticking knife in NC machining center!

Four solutions to the problem of sticking knife in NC machining center! How is it that the NC machining center always sticks the knife? We should start with the characteristics of aluminum. Compared with steel and cast iron, aluminum has the characteristics of low yield strength and low hardness. Therefore, in the actual CNC processing process, the flexibility of aluminum will bring problems.

Related problems caused by the flexibility of aluminum materials:

1. Bonding phenomenon: This is actually the phenomenon of sticking knife. Aluminum particles are bonded to the cutting tool, which will affect the surface roughness of aluminum machined parts, and there will be a “bonded” chip accumulation tumor on the tool. This chip accumulating machine produces resistance, which requires higher cutting force, thus forming chip marks;

2. In addition, aluminum is highly extensible and will form long strip cracks. These cracks block the cutting area, making it difficult to cut and it is difficult for cutting fluid to take away debris;

3. Third, aluminum has a high coefficient of thermal expansion. In CNC Lathe machining service, the heat energy generated by deformation and friction is extended to the aluminum workpiece. In this way, it is difficult to control the size of the aluminum workpiece. At this time, greater cutting force is required.

4. The insufficient lubricating performance of cutting fluid will also lead to increased friction, which will generate a lot of heat and cause tool sticking. In addition, the cooling performance is insufficient, resulting in a large amount of heat and knife sticking.

Just 4 moves to help you solve the problem of aluminum sticking knife in CNC machining center!

1. Can better sharp tools, because sharp tools can reduce cutting heat;

2. Second, increase the feed rate. After the feed rate is increased, the dwell time of the tool at a certain position is reduced, and the cutting heat per unit volume of material is reduced to avoid material melting;

3. The third is to reduce the spindle speed: when the spindle speed is reduced, the cutting linear speed is reduced, and the cutting heat is reduced, which can avoid material melting.

4. Select lubricants and coolants with excellent lubrication and cooling performance. We suggest to choose special aluminum alloy environmental protection cutting fluid, which is very suitable for aluminum alloy.

The problem of sticking knife in CNC machining aluminum parts was quickly solved, and the method was still very simple.

CNC machining center that can process aluminum parts

So what about the materials of aluminum parts processed by CNC machining center that do not melt but stick to the tool?

In fact, the method is also very simple, as follows

1. Under the adjustment of spindle speed, increase the spindle speed;

2. The feed speed decreases;

3. It is better to improve the cooling method and change the application position of the coolant. It can be added to the cutting position of the tool, which has a better cooling effect.

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