Four Common Issues that May Arise During Your Divorce in Andover MA

Going through a divorce is often stressful. In fact, it can be one of the toughest situations you may have to endure in life. Due to the challenges, you must pick the right support system. A lot of divorces can become chaotic, which can impact your mental state while you make significant legal decisions. This is the reason you need to have the best Andover MA divorce lawyer on your side to help you address the most common issues associated with divorce. These issues include child custody and support, asset division, and spousal support. Although you may be prepared to enter into divorce, the complications that may arise can disrupt the flow of the processes involved. The following are some of the issues you may face during your divorce:

Disagreements on the Division of Marital Property

A lot of couples disagree on almost all issues of divorce, making it hard to settle without contention. In Massachusetts, marital property is divided equitably between spouses. Equitable may not mean equal and it is a judge that determines how to divide the property fairly. Marital property is the property that couples acquired during the marriage. But, there are other complexities in this matter since some separate property can become marital depending on the circumstances. An experienced divorce attorney can walk you through this aspect. 

Child Custody Battles

If you have children and are going through a divorce, you will have to consider who gets physical custody of them. Your attorney may suggest that you decide this matter early on in your divorce. This way, you can better understand what to expect and start getting used to the new arrangement. Sometimes, this can turn biter when you or your spouse don’t agree on certain terms. But, a lawyer can help you settle the problem.

Debt Division

The majority of debt accumulated during your marriage is considered marital debt and should be divided in court equitably. Debt division can be challenging, particularly when one of you is a serious spender on the credit card of the other. Because such lines are blurred, you should have a lawyer working through such issues fairly. 

Spousal Maintenance Request

Spousal maintenance can be awarded depending on the income disparity between you and your spouse as well as the length of your marriage and other factors. Under the law, a judge can award spousal maintenance when the assets of the spouse seeking it are not enough to provide for their reasonable needs, particularly when they need education or training. 

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