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A bedroom is probably the most private room in any home. People decorate their bedrooms with extra care, making them a true reflection of their tastes. In Australia, most houses have either two or three bedrooms. Urban Australian homes had three bedrooms predominantly (more than 30%). Several pieces decorate a bedroom, including the functional aspects. Things like the pillow cover, an Australian wool quilt, and the tapestry and carpet all add to the bedroom’s aesthetic. While there are various items people can use to decorate their bedrooms, some are essential. People require furniture like a bed, a mirror, a wardrobe, and more. This furniture, while functional, also adds to the bedroom’s aesthetic. People invest great care and effort into choosing this furniture and other pieces for their bedrooms, like posters or shelves.


Whatever an individual’s taste, they aim for comfort in the bedroom. All their choices prioritise comfort and a cosy feeling. People try to surround themselves with decor and items that promote that feeling. While people may have differing ideas of “ideal comfort”, some pieces guarantee comfort and cosiness to all people.

The Bed Aesthetic

The bed is the central feature of the bedroom, and many components make a bed. From the headboard to the pillows and blankets, everything must provide comfort. One primary feature while buying bed upholstery is the thread count. Materials with a higher thread count are generally softer and smoother. They must also have quality fibres and soft materials (cotton, wool, silk, satin, etc.). People who get their bed upholstery with such materials can ensure quality sleep.

The Storage Aesthetic

Bedroom storage can take several forms, from wardrobes to chests of drawers, vanities, hanging shelves, and more. While these storage options are functional, they can also allude to the cosiness of a bedroom. Floating shelves with rice lights, wardrobes with cute patterns, drawers with personal effects all contribute to the warm aesthetic of the bedroom. Homeowners can also buy these storage options in light or bright colours to elevate the cosy aesthetic.

The Decor Aesthetic

One central factor contributing to the cosy feel is the decor. People should choose upholstery decor like tapestries to bring a ‘comfort’ vibe to the room. Carpets and tapestries effortlessly add a calming vine to any space, and they come in various colours, designs, and patterns, allowing people to choose according to taste. The lighting is another aspect that contributes to this aesthetic, depending on its tone and form. String lights are an excellent addition to any bedroom and instantly provide mood lighting to the space. The lighting should be warm, and the design should be fluid to create a cosy mood in the bedroom.

The Colour Aesthetic

Colours are perhaps the best way to bring cosiness to the bedroom. Light, vibrant, and subtle colours exude comfort and positivity, enhancing mood. Pastel shades, natural colours, suede tones, etc., bring home the comfort vibes and suit all design themes. Minimalist, bohemian, mid-century modern, industrial, retro, Victorian, etc., these varying design themes can effortlessly incorporate these colours, allowing people to opt for styles that suit their tastes.

Australian statistics show that most homes in Australia have three bedrooms (38.8%) or four bedrooms (24.7%), making bedrooms the majority space in homes. Bedroom decor is of utmost significance, as it dictates the majority of design aesthetics in a home, and people spend most of their time in a bedroom. People should opt for satin pillow covers, an Australian wool quilt, cotton sheets, and more. These choices determine sleep quality and comfort in the bedroom.

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