Fashion tips for 2021 and beyond

If you like fashion and want to stay on top of the trends, I’ve got some tips for 2021 that will help you do just that. Of course, we’re still a little way away from them; but there’s no harm in getting prepared early – and these beauty hacks are sure to help, something for which we need to shout out to MandM Direct, who helped us in creating this list.

Beauty hack number one:

Skin repair creams become all the rage as more women go makeup-free

In 2021, companies such as Clinique and Estée Lauder push their skincare ingredients over their makeup products – touting them as “permanent makeup.” They’ll be tapping into a growing awareness of anti-ageing issues and themes of self-acceptance: Clients will claim they feel more confident going bare-faced than wearing layers of makeup.

Eulalia Bourne, a beauty guru with over 50,000 followers on Instagram and youtube, comments: “Forget the ‘no makeup look – this is a new trend of its own! It’s all about that radiant skin – making your natural beauty shine through.”

Going bare-faced will be seen as a true sign of self-confidence rather than hiding from the world. And those women who do want to wear makeup will notice it’s becoming less about covering flaws and more about adding interest and depth. The adage “less is more” will take on a whole new meaning.

Fashion tip 1:   Throwing out all your makeup? Don’t forget to include makeup setting spray in your beauty box to ensure everything stays in place.

Kit Kat, a famous supermodel, says: “I’m excited about the idea of women throwing out their makeup collections and embracing what they’ve got naturally, rather than trying to warp themselves into looking like someone else.”

Beauty hack number two: Throwing out all your makeup? Don’t forget to include makeup setting spray in your beauty box to ensure everything stays in place.

Photo focused cosmetics have become more popular

With cameras on every phone, people become obsessed with flattering lighting effects and filters to get perfect selfies. So it’s no wonder that photo-focused cosmetics are set to be big news, especially for the eyes. Makeup looks will still be based around the same face shapes, but instead of chiselled contoured cheeks and eyebrows, they will be more about making your eyes sparkle against the light.

Companies like Dior will sell kits that help you achieve different lighting effects to enhance your features – for example, illuminating highlighting palettes with gold or pearl undertones.

Fashion tip 2: To get their looks just right for selfies, girls will use all sorts of lenses like rose-coloured lenses, tri-focal lenses, etc… Be sure to pick up a pair before 2021.

Skincare becomes essential throughout the day; night creams are less prominent

We’ll be getting even lazier when it comes to skincare (if that’s possible), and there’s no such thing as a “night cream” – the goal is to get rid of all your makeup and cleanse in one go.

Fashion tip 3: Girls will take their beauty sleep seriously, so you better have an eye mask for that extra 5 minutes before getting out of bed!

Sunscreen and other anti-ageing products have become more popular with men

We’ll see even more men embracing innovative sun skincare and wearing sunscreen daily – not just when they face deep in water or on the ski slopes.

Fashion hack 4: Since we’ll be spending more time outdoors during the day, it’s good to have a pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from 100% UV rays. Be sure to stock up on those as well.

What do you think about the trends? Will they be helpful to us?

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