FAQs About Workers’ Comp Benefits 

Following an accident in the place, it is critical to inform your employer about your injuries so that they can begin the claim as much as possible. Even if you think you are not injured, you should still make the report. Some injuries take time to show and may become apparent after a few days, weeks, or even months. 

Even though everyone is aware of the program, there is still much confusion regarding the subject. A workers’ comp attorney Virginia can help you get clarity on all your doubts. 

FAQs about workers’ comp benefits 

  • Is the date of the accident counted as a day of lost work?

Yes. When you experience an accident in Virginia, you can no longer continue working for the rest of the day. Thus, you lose an entire day’s wages. Therefore, the day of the accident is counted as a day of lost work. When your damages are calculated, this day’s pay will be included. 

  • Will workers’ comp cover for the injuries that are not born out of an accident?

Yes. Not all work-related injuries are born out of an accident, and workers’ comp recognizes that. Some injuries can develop over a long time, such as repetitive motion injuries. One example is when people do a lot of typing every day and develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Another example is when a worker faces stress and develops mental illness anxiety. These injuries are compensable. 

  • Is the time taken off for medical appointments considered lost time?

No. The time taken off for medical appointments is not considered lost time. Lost time is when you are forced to stay out from work because of your physical condition or a compensable injury. 

  • Can I still receive workers’ comp if the accident was my fault?

No. Workers’ comp was designed by keeping the workers’ welfare in mind. However, you won’t be compensated if the accident was your doing. Since the employer is not responsible for the injury, they won’t be obligated to pay for your damages with the insurance they pay for. These injuries can result from fighting, self-harm, intoxication, etc. 

  • Am I allowed to see a doctor of my choice?

The answer to this question depends on which state you reside in. For people in Virginia, you cannot see the doctor of your choice. Rather, your employer is required to provide you with a panel of doctors from which you can select one. In case your employer or the insurance company refuses to offer physicians, you can go with one of your choices.

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