Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator

This article takes the reader through various factors to consider when purchasing a generator. I explain the factors in-depth to give the reader a reason to keep them in mind. Buying one can be a costly investment, so you better choose the right one to meet your needs.

These devices can be an alternative power source when there is no electricity. It is usually used as a backup in most hospitals, hotels, churches, supermarkets, and homes. Moreover, they are the primary power source in construction sites, architectural projects, and outdoor events such as weddings.

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We can all agree that these alternative power sources are pretty helpful, mainly due to their reliability. Having one as a backup or the primary power source can be a wise thing to do. However, before you go off purchasing one, a few things like the size of units and comparable performance should help you make the right decision.


The size will be dependent on the amount of power you require. The power required is from summing up all the power needed to run all the items you need to run simultaneously. Then choose the most power-consuming item in your house and add it to your total.

Always ensure the generator can supply extra needed electricity to prevent more significant items from overloading the system when they start running.

All generators have two wattage ratings; the surge and running wattage. The surge wattage is available in case the required load exceeds what you had initially calculated. Choosing one depends on the running wattage is advisable as the surge wattage will automatically meet your needs. Choose a large generator if you are worried about the surge wattage.

   Noise level

Look at decibel levels and make sure you have a good quality generator muffler to avoid having a piece of noisy equipment. A less noisy device is well suited for outdoor activities like camping and even in homes. However, you should note that the quieter the generator is, the more it will cost you.


Always check how much fuel the tank can hold and how many litres are used in an hour. Your goal should be to find a fuel-efficient generator and can have a reasonable amount of fuel. The fuel efficiency and fuel tank capacity affect the run time.

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Also, will you be using diesel or a gaseous generator? Both are suitable for handling various loads on your job site. Diesel generators might make more sense due to the different diesel devices at the site.

How much you are willing to spend

Do you spend less and buy a cheap generator or an expensive one. The well-known brands are more expensive than other brands. Research on the different brands understanding their features and efficiency before you settle on what brand to buy.

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 Clean power

Laws and regulations have been put in place to minimize pollution on the environment and to our health. Before you buy a generator, always ensure that the manufacture or supplier follows these guidelines.


The price should not be the only thing to consider when buying a generator.

It would be best if you also thought about the above factors. The goal should be to find a device that is efficient and long-lasting.

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