Factors That Influence the Price of Roller Mills in Kenya

Price is one of the most important factors when purchasing an item. Buyers are actually very price sensitive and a slight increase in price may result into loss of customers. Many buyers however do not yet understand the causes of variation in prices of the same item. This article therefore intends to explain the different factors that influence the price of roller mills in Kenya.

A roller mill is a machine that is used to reduce the size of various materials. It is basically a grinding machine. It is used to grind minerals, grains, iron sheets and a host of other materials. Different machines have different prices. The following can be considered factors that cause this variation in price:

  • Type

There are different types of roller mills in Kenya. Two high roller mill has two rolls fixed on each other. This allows material to be passed from one side only. Three High roller mill has three rolls positioned over one another, it allows for materials to be passed from one side and return through another. There is also the Four High, planetary, Cluster and Tandem Roller mills.

  • Size

Roller mills come in different sizes. This is largely depended on the magnitude of the work it intends to perform. Roller mills could be used for small firms, big firms or commercial enterprises. It is therefore expected that the roller mills for big firms will be bigger and more expensive than those for small firms which are cheaper.

  • Engine

The Engine is a very important part of a machine. You should therefore ensure you get one with a capacity that meets your specific needs. An engine should serve you for the longest term. You should therefore purchase an engine proportional to your machine, however, if you buy a big machine with a small engine, it will be cheaper than the same sized machine with big engine.

Apart from capacity, the energy efficiency of the engine affects the roller mill price in Kenya. The engine could be inefficient such that a lot of power is consumed. This will be cheaper than an engine that is very efficient and saves power.

  • Supply Chain

A roller mill bought directly from the company is cheaper than that bought from brokers. This is because the company will sell it at a low price to the broker who will then sell it at a higher price to cover for transportation cost and their own profit. A buyer should therefore always have this in mind and always endeavor to buy directly from their manufacturing company.

  • Brand

Different brands have different prices for their items. There are companies which sell more expensively than others. This could be due to the efficiency and high quality of the items they manufacture. Other times however, it could be purely sentimental in that buyers associate it with prestige. Brand is therefore an important determinant of roller mill price.

Buyers should however be aware that the different factors above are highly dependent on the intended function of the roller machine. For example, donot buy an inefficient engine machine   just because it is cheap. Always ensure that the specifications of the machine will meet your needs in the long run. In case you consider posho mills, it can be another alternative.

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