English Olympiad and its preparation for class 6th students 

There are few languages in the world that are thriving all over the globe and the English language is one of them. English as a language is gaining much popularity in the world and is spoken by many individuals belonging to different nationalities. To gain recognition in the world and for the upliftment of the language, the English Olympiad is conducted. Children who are in the sixth standard have some sense about the Olympiad but they may not be aware of all the advantages that this exam can provide them. Parents should consider it by explaining to them about the exam. With the right knowledge about the examination, children tend to perform better and get involved in the subject with their interest. 

What is an Olympiad?

Olympiad is nothing but an exam that serves as a platform to students where they can show their academic skills and higher wits. Olympiad exams are held in different levels to test students such as regional, state, national and international. Olympiad exams are a type of competitive exam that helps students to identify their potential and area of interest. Students compete with other fellow students who are on the same academic level. 

The whole purpose of Olympiads is to list out students who are good at academics but it also helps children to experience a competitive exam’s environment right from the day they start their preparation. This experience is very important for performing better in future competitive exams that are held for higher purposes like for getting into a college or passing the exam round of a job. The exam will help students gain knowledge apart from what they study in the school curriculum. 

What is the English Olympiad?

The English by skype Olympiad is a special type of exam that works for uplifting the language by developing curiosity in the minds of young people. This exam works for the advancement of the language around the world and children participating in the English Olympiad gain more knowledge about the language. English is said to be a tricky language because of the complex grammar that is used in it. When a child is exposed to the minor as well as major concepts of the language in a sense of understanding, the final performance gets intensified automatically. Many rules of grammar should be studied and vocabulary should be learned for understanding the refined form of English that is used in the English Olympiad. The questions asked in the Olympiad will be of a higher level than what a student studies in school thus extra effort will be needed for better results. 

How should a student of class 6th get prepared for the English Olympiad? 

There is a myth that the English Olympiad can be cracked with a good score without studying or by studying just one or two weeks before the exam. It is rather very important to understand the basic level of the language first then it is mandatory to learn about the higher level. After gaining command over the basics, students will have to apply that knowledge to understand the higher level english. Cramming up the answers will not help students in the English Olympiad and that is why a certain kind of strategy will have to be applied. Go through the points mentioned below that will provide you an idea about how a student of 6th grade should be prepared for English Olympiad:


  • Knowing the syllabus before starting the preparation 


Going through the syllabus and understanding every aspect of it is very important for the right preparation strategy. Once a student will understand the sensitivity of the syllabus, the topic to be covered with more focus can be marked and already learned topics can be ruled out. Cramming up the portion suggested will not help in gaining any good results thus it should be avoided in any circumstances. For developing skills in language it is very crucial to use the learned information in a practical manner, this will also improve fluency and confidence in the language. 


  • Learning from right material 


Many varieties of materials are available for the preparation of the English Olympiad. The right material should be picked only after analyzing the needs of the student. Some students are already very good with the language and they might not need the knowledge of foundation level, such students can directly opt for higher level materials. Students who have to understand the basics of language and have to improve their grammar from the basics should consider going for materials that explain every topic in depth. For both kinds of students, preparation should start at an early stage. 


  • Starting to prepare from an early period 


Students will have to start preparing from a very early period so that they will have enough time to concentrate on every topic thoroughly. A detailed study of the language will be required as questions will be asked in complex and refined language that will not resonate with the basic English taught in school. 


  • Maintaining a timetable 


It is very crucial for every student to follow a versatile time table that allows them to concentrate on studies without any barriers. The timetable must be rigorously followed without any question for the improvement in the language. Students who are good in academics should also follow a time table while preparing for English Olympias as this exam will be different from that conducted in schools. 



After the preparation is done, the students must test their knowledge by solving previous year questions papers and sample papers. Solving them will help in getting the idea of the level of preparation that is done and which topics need repolishing once again. Mock tests will help in gaining confidence as the exam pattern will be in multiple-choice questions thus experience in solving a legit question paper will help in building confidence. 


Olympiads take place for finding children of great potential in the field of academics. Participants will have to prepare in a serious manner to crack different levels of the exam. This will give students a chance to improve their verbal and written skills in the English language as they will be dealing with complex grammar and vocabulary. 

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