Eduardo Camavinga: The prodigy ready to save Real Madrid

When Eduardo Camavinga came on as a substitute for Eden Azar in the La Liga match against Celta, he went from being a prodigy to a top player. The young player from France not only donned the shirt of one of the most recognizable teams in the world, but also scored a goal almost immediately after entering the field.

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Many viewers did not even understand what had happened – many saw the Frenchman for the first time. They don’t know the story of Eduardo Camavinga – they don’t know that he was born in a refugee camp, that his family fled Angola, and that he became French at the age of two. He is no longer starving, but the trials of youth have affected the kind of person he grew up into. And this experience will help him withstand any pressure in the new club. There are no hardships that he has not yet overcome.

At the age of 11, when Eduardo was successfully playing for the youth teams of “Rennes”, his parents’ house burned down, leaving them without everything they had acquired in France. It only gave him the determination to succeed.

Five years later, he signed his first professional contract, and at 16 he became Rennes’s youngest debutant in history. He was soon part of the core team. It is clear why: the age of the player was impossible to determine, since he played as if he already had many years of experience. His best moment was the match against PSG in Ligue 1, when Camavinga was named the best player of the meeting.

It was thanks to the fearlessness of the teenager, who opposed the world stars, that Julien Stefan’s wards managed to get a victory with a score of 2: 1. Camavinga himself scored a goal pass, which brought the team a victory. Soon the big clubs began to pay attention to him – how many people are able to resist Cavani, Verratti and Mbappe at this age?

As soon as the representatives of the giants began to look at him closely, Camavinga slightly wilted, but this did not change anything: that performance forever cemented him in the status of a future star. Fortunately for him and the club, Camavinga did not demand to let him go to other teams – he is a team player, and primarily thinks about his comrades. And when Real did start knocking, Camavinga insisted that the deal be finalized before his contract expired, so he could help Rennes for the last time, who had raised him and saved him from poverty.

The Frenchman is only 18 years old, and he still has a lot to come. In Real Madrid his role is more attacking – in France he played closer to the center. And while there is a risk that Camavinga will burn out, as has happened with many other prodigies at Real Madrid, those who know him argue that the determined and strong midfielder will not be lost. He will not become the new Jose Rodriguez, who is now in Israel, or another Edegor. He learned from their mistakes. We can only observe his success.

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