Do You Need a Police Report to File Car Accident Claim

It is no surprise that car accidents can put the victim under tremendous stress. Even if the accident was minor, the following aftermath could put one under severe financial, emotional, and physical burden. Fortunately, you can get compensation for all your injuries and losses by filing for a car accident claim with the assistance of a Wytheville Auto Accident Lawyer.

When filing for a car accident claim, one needs to prove that the other driver was at fault. While filing for a claim providing documents such as pictures of the accident and injuries, medical records, police reports can be beneficial for your case. However, one of the common questions that people ask is, are police reports mandatory? Continue reading to find out! 

Is a police report mandatory to file for a car accident claim?

Police reports are not necessary to file for a car accident claim. You can still file for a car accident claim without a police report. However, having a police report provides various benefits, including: 

  • A police report can provide evidence of the extent of damage to your vehicle. 
  • It proves that the accident happens, including the date and timing. 
  • The report can prove who was negligent and if the other driver was intoxicated while driving. 
  • The report can also help the insurance company understand who the police think is at fault. 
  • It provides crucial witness information. 

In case of disputes from the insurance company about how and when the accident happened, having a police report after a car accident can help clear things up. Many insurance companies make it mandatory for their policyholders to provide a police report for filing a claim. If there is no report, the insurance company may take it as a chance to lower or deny the claim. 

How can you get a police report?

Once you call the police after a car accident, the police should arrive at the accident spot in a while. The police officer will file a report on your behalf, depending on all the factors present during the accident. You can contact the nearest police department to get a copy of your police report. 

If the police do not file for the police report, you can go to the police station and file the report yourself. Ensure you provide accurate information about the accident and report it within 24 hours. 

Although not having a police report does not prevent you from getting compensation, it can significantly increase your chances of getting maximum compensation. 

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