Designer Sunglasses for Men Trending in 2021

Fashion reflects the moods of society, and society is now ready to move! After months of staying locked indoors, people worldwide are embracing each day spent outside with new vigor. If you plan on getting your share of the sunshine, check out these designer men’s sunglasses trending this year to combat the heat:

Geometric frames: This year, the geometric frames are coming back with a vengeance. Shades with polygonal structures add extra pizzazz to your outfit. With so many varieties, ranging from large 70s inspired frames to smaller ones, you can always find the right shape and size to suit your facial structure.

Sporty: Sporty glasses with polarized lenses are in high demand this year. Look for the ones that remind you of 3D vision goggles. The chunky frame, the dark tint, and the sturdy build make these glasses an essential part of every collection.

Classics: The classics like the Aviator will never go out of fashion. This year, colored lenses are trending. Pick aviators in light, subtle shades such as copper, sea-green, and cobalt. Keep your outfit muted to highlight your eyewear.

Wrap-around sunglasses: If you find the aviators a bit too tried and tested for your tastes, you can go for the wrap-around style sunglasses. They are also available in modified aviator frames. They can be ideal for a semi-casual event.

Retro: If you like the Beatles, there’s good news for you. John Lennon’s signature round glasses are all the rage in 2021. Shades with brown and black lenses are a particular favorite and will surely make people sit up and take note of you.

Tortoiseshell and horn-rim glasses: Whether it is sunglasses or spectacles, you cannot go wrong with the horn-rimmed glasses or the tortoiseshell frames. Go for slightly larger lenses, reminiscent of Clark Kent, to give your gaze a superhuman allure.

Cat-eye sunglasses: Don’t brush off this uber-chic silhouette as girly sunglasses. The dark tint and whimsical frames of these glasses place them firmly as “must-haves” in men’s sunglasses. They will give you a mystical charm that your date would find hard to resist. The trend this year is to sport funky colored rims (and lenses) such as bright blue, mottled red, and chocolate brown.

Additional points to keep in mind while buying glasses:

Despite their mega style quotient, sunglasses are ultimately meant to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Don’t skimp on the quality of the lenses. Look for these features to give your eyes the best they deserve:

  1. Do the lenses provide you with UV protection? UV rays can accelerate the aging of your ocular tissues. Be sure to buy glasses with UV filters.
  2. Do they polarize the incoming light? it helps to eliminate glare while driving.
  3. Are they big enough to cover your eyes? The sun can damage your retina as well as your sclera. It is vital to wear protective sunglasses even if you wear contacts with sun protection.
  4. Ensure the lenses do not distort: Your sunglasses should not distort the objects in their periphery unless you have prescription lenses. Not only is this hazardous, but it can also permanently damage your eyes.
  5. Are the lenses shock-proof? Make sure your lenses are designed not to shatter into shards if they are dropped. Poor quality lenses can break and hurt your eyes if you meet with an accident while wearing them.

In conclusion:

Sunglasses are highly versatile fashion accessories that protect your eyes. Since most people buy a pair of sunglasses only once in two years, investing in a high-quality pair is worthwhile. Head over to your nearest store or an eyewear store online to pick your next shades!

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