Choosing the Right Band Saw Made Easy

Machines helps us to make work easier, this only applies when you properly know what the tool is, its purpose, maintenance practices and how to acquire it. In this article, I am going to vividly talk about the band saw machine, an article that will increase the existing literature about the said machine.

Band saw machine is an electrical appliance that is purposely meant for cutting materials. Band saws are largely applied in the building and construction industry.

An image showing a band saw machine.

What you need to Know about Band Saw Machine.

In this part, I am going to discuss in depth the machine in terms of its uses, features and maintenance practices.

What are the Uses of a Band Saw Machine?

The machine is mainly used for cutting, it is applied in;

  • Woodworking

Have you wondered how the carpenters curve some of the wood they use in their daily work? By use of the above machine, they can make the different shapes and cuttings from wood to make the attractive curving.

  • Lumber ripping

This entails lengthwise cutting of the board to achieve your desired shape. The tool requires a specialized procedure to ensure a smooth cutting is made hence becoming very useful.

  • Metal cutting

Dividing metals into pieces that match your uses is effectively done by the machine. More developed welding workshops uses this machine to ease and speed up their work.

  • Meat cutting

This machine is useful in bigger butcheries that handle bigger demand hence the need for speedy services. It has been effective in cutting meat into smaller slices that can easily be used in cooking.

Features of the Machine

  • Band wheels

This is the feature that helps in the movement of the machine to bring about the making of curves and the cutting effect.

  • Frames

This helps in the containment of the machine inner components.

  • Blade guides

These are sharp parts that help in slicing and making the curves of the wood.

  • Fences

This is the part that keeps the materials being cut fixed to enable easy cutting.

  • Motors

Forms the main part of the machine since it is what leads to the movement of machine parts, it is highly delicate and needs the care to work properly.

  • Table

This is the flat surface for putting the wood and any other material being cut. It should always be kept clean then used in meat cutting.

Maintenance Practices

No matter the band saw prices in Kenya, the inability to properly maintain and offer routine servicing will be very destructive.

The following practices will warrant the productivity of your appliance;

  • Regular cleaning after use

Cleaning of the machine will reduce the level of wearing out, dirt from the cuttings may encourage rusting of the device which later destroys the machine parts rendering it useless.

  • Replacement of worn-out parts

Leaving your machine to use destroyed parts for so long may be destructive. One defective part may end up destroying the other good parts killing your entire machine.

  • Lubrication

Lubrication involves the application of oil or grease to the moving parts of the machine. This reduces friction hence reduced stress in movement which would have led to wear and tear of the parts.

The Band saw vary from size, purpose and qualities of the machine.


With price not being the main attribute to consider in buying this particular machine, always do proper research before buying one. You now have the right information to make decisions.

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