Choose the Right One: 4 Types of Watches You Should Know

Wristwatches are one of the oldest time-telling devices. The first watchmaker, Patek Philippe, made a watch for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868. It was considered the world’s first wristwatch because it could be carried on the wrist instead of in a pocket or pouch. Since then, there have been many advancements in the field of wristwatches. 

The most notable advancement was when quartz watches were introduced in 1941 by Seiko Matsuda. This advancement helped to make watches more accurate and affordable. The evolution of wristwatches has led them to become an accessory that can do more than just tell time; they can also serve as a fashion statement and can be used to track health metrics like heart rate and calories burned while exercising. With more industries and brands springing up came different types of wristwatches. As a wristwatch enthusiast, here are some you should know. 

1. Luxury Wristwatch 

Watches are usually worn to tell the time accurately, but they are also sometimes worn as jewelry or fashion accessories. People may wear watches for practical reasons or emotional ones. Practical reasons include telling the time and measuring intervals of time. Emotional reasons include telling one’s social position and establishing one’s identity, and this is where luxury watches come in. 

Luxury watches show the status of the person. They can be made with silver, gold, or even precious stones like diamonds or rubies. Many brands produce luxury watches, the most popular brand being the Rolex Watch

Rolex is a world-renowned watch brand. It has been around for more than a century and is known for its quality products. The company has also created innovative products that have revolutionized the industry.

Rolex has been around since 1905, when Hans Wilsdorf started selling Rolex wristwatches in London, England. He developed the brand to incorporate luxury and precision while ensuring that customers were satisfied with their product. 

The company’s watches are made of 904L steel, which is known for its high durability and resistance to corrosion. Rolex also innovated the Rolex Oyster case, a patented design of a waterproof, screw-locked marine chronometer. 

Buying a new wristwatch is expensive, so you need to choose carefully before buying one. Certain watches have extra features which make them worth their price tag. A new wristwatch can be a perfect gift for our loved ones, partner, or friend celebrating special occasions like birthdays, graduations, among others.

2. Dress Wristwatch 

Formal occasions such as weddings, proms, and graduations call for a suit and tie. Casual occasions such as a dinner date or a night out with friends may require less formal attire, but one still needs to dress well enough. For both types of events, it is essential to know what type of watch should be worn.

A dress wristwatch is an essential accessory to your wardrobe because it can be used for different occasions or events. You can always wear a dress wristwatch if you want to look professional.  For example, if you are attending a formal event like a wedding or an evening party, it is best to wear this wristwatch.

A dress wristwatch can also be used as part of your casual attire. The timepiece should match the style and color scheme of your outfit so that they blend well together. Dress watches are not only used as fashion accessories. Still, they are also essential tools for administrative or industrial workers who must constantly be on time even when not in the office. Dress watches should not be confused with sports watches, which have to meet different requirements for accuracy and durability because of their purpose.

A dress watch is usually set up with one or more subdials that provide additional functions such as second time zones, elapsed time, or chronograph. But some people prefer simpler designs without subdials since they may find them less attractive to wear on formal occasions. They may also want the watch to fit under a shirt cuff.

3. Diving Wristwatch 

Watches today are not just for telling time. They are also valuable tools to have on hand during any activity. They are used for fitness, outdoor activities, work, and even diving. Diving wristwatches are watches that can be worn while diving underwater. There are a variety of models available with different features to suit different needs.

Diving wristwatches were first introduced in the 1930s, and they have since become essential tools in scuba diving, where they are often used to calculate decompression times.

A diving wristwatch must be waterproofed using a screw-down crown or stem that forms a watertight seal to ensure water-tightness. In most cases, this is achieved by an O-ring seal at the screw-down crown/stem interface that seals water from entering the watch’s interior. 

Diving wristwatches can be used for many things, including tracking dive times, calculating decompression schedules, and monitoring depth and temperature changes underwater. Most people think that diving watches are just for divers. However, there are other uses for them as well. One of the most common ones is in water sports. There are even models for diving which can be used in the rain and snow.

4. Pilot Watches 

Pilot watches are primarily designed for aviation purposes. Aviators use them to calculate the number of hours they have been flying to measure their altitude. The watch also has a tachymeter scale on its bezel for measuring speed. Some pilot wristwatches have a bezel that can be rotated to simulate the same height as a pilot in flight. Although these watches also tell the time, they are not simple gadgets. They have been designed for particular tasks and used by some professionals for a range of different activities.


Wristwatches are considered one of the most important pieces of both men’s and women’s jewelry. Over time, different wristwatches have been produced, and they all serve varying purposes according to materials and function.  Some people wear watches for the sole purpose of serving as a fashion statement, while others wear them for practical purposes.

Watches are used to tell time, measure intervals, track physical activities, and much more. It has an alarm function to wake up the wearer from a deep sleep and remind them of specific events such as taking medication, exercising, etc. Some watches also have a timer function that can be programmed to ring or vibrate at intervals. They are also used in some professions to keep track of time more accurately.

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