Chennai Super Kings vs Punjab Kings

Cricket is the sport NO.1 in India. Millions of ordinary people regularly bet on Cricket. Most of them are made in the Indian Premier League – the main professional men’s Twenty20 tournament where ten teams from different Indian cities try to get the trophy. This year the IPL matches will start on March 26 and last a bit more than two months. During the tournament, all the world will see the Chennai Super Kings vs Punjab Kings match and many other famous clubs. So now the bettors have already started preparing for the IPL season by analysis of the factors that can affect the outcome of the matches. 

Why is Cricket so popular here in India? The main reason for that is the mentality of the people who are really venturesome by nature. And even in the face of the illegality of Cricket and sports betting in general every day millions of Hindus are still betting. At the same time, all of them are really waiting for the legality bill to be passed. 

From other main reasons for the huge popularity of Cricket betting, there is also availability. There are lots of specialized sportsbooks that have been open for the last few years in India. So now every bettor can find the most advantageous terms for betting. All the sportsbooks offer the opportunity of online betting so bettors get the full freedom and could bet on Cricket without any constraints (in time or territorial both). 

Read some more information about the reasons for the high popularity of Cricket betting in India:

  • It’s simple. Important to consider that all the sportsbooks in India today are not a domestic business because of the legislative ban. So all the companies that offer the betting line and take bets are foreign. But at the same time, there are no real barriers to betting online. 
  • Safe betting environment. Despite the fact that all the sportsbooks in India are foreign companies the whole betting process is 100% safe. But only if the website has the license of the international regulator. 
  • Free video broadcasts. After the simple registration via the sportsbook website, the bettor will get access to the broadcasts of all the main tournaments. This opportunity is really a deal for those who prefer LIVE betting. 
  • Tons of bonuses and personal offers. All the sportsbook clients can use the money bonuses for the quick gain of the bankroll. But remember about the wager’s requirement!

The Cricket bets are relevant due to the popularity of the sport. Here in India Cricket remains the NO.1 sport for hundreds of years. So the Cricket betting popularity is only the result of it. And with the ubiquitous availability of Internet access when everybody can get access to the betting line and the lucrative odds only helps to grow that popularity. Especially since in bet lines there is not just the Indian Premier League but also lots of other international tournaments that are available for Indian bettors. And with so many millions of bettors regularly enjoying Cricket, it’s no surprise that the betting market is huge as well.

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