Car accident in Lehi: Things you need to know

Auto accidents are not uncommon on the roads of Utah. Following an accident in Lehi, you are expected to take immediate action to protect your rights recover compensation for your losses. No matter your circumstances, working with a Lehi, UT car accident lawyer will always benefit your case. In this post, we are sharing details of car accident laws in the state and some facts worth knowing. 

Utah is a “no-fault” car insurance state

Utah is one of the few states that follow the “no-fault” car insurance norm. What does that mean? If you are injured in a road accident, you will typically turn to your insurer and seek compensation under the PIP coverage that you had purchased. The insurance company will pay a compensation amount that will cover your medical bills and other losses to the extent of the coverage available as per the purchased plan. This is a no-fault claim, which means you cannot seek compensation for your pain and suffering. 

Can you sue the at-fault driver?

The short answer is yes, but only in certain circumstances. To file a personal injury claim, you must have incurred losses of at least $3,000 in medical bills. If you have sustained serious injuries, such as permanent disability or disfigurement, you can hold the at-fault driver responsible for your injuries and losses. 

What to do after the car accident in Lehi?

–  Call 911 and seek medical attention. Keep all medical records safe with you. 

–  From the accident scene, call the local police. Wait for the police to arrive at the scene. 

–  Document the accident scene. Take photos and videos of damaged vehicles and your injuries. 

–  Exchange insurance information and contact details with other drivers involved. 

–  Inform your insurance company

– Call an attorney 

Do you need a personal injury attorney?

Yes, absolutely. If you were injured in an accident in Lehi that wasn’t your fault, you have to contact an experienced personal injury attorney and seek an overview of the case. Utah, like many other states, has the modified comparative negligence system. If you were also to blame for the accident, the rule would be used to determine the final compensation you get. When you are more than 50% at fault, you cannot sue the other party. An attorney can help determine the true worth of your claim and guide you further in dealing with the consequences of the accident. 

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