Best Practices for Ensuring High-Impact Vehicle Decal and Wrap Design

Relatively easy to design and print and affordable, vehicle decals have a host of benefits that make them a top choice for businesses that need to advertise effectively but economically. However, your investment in the design, printing, and installation of vehicle decals can be rendered useless if you fail to follow the best practices evolved by professionals in this business. Some insights to make your vehicle wraps more impactful:

Take Accurate Measurements and Photos

You need to take an accurate measurement of the surfaces of the vehicle where the wrap will be installed so that you do not go wrong in the design process. It typically includes the two sides, the rear, the glass windows as well as the roof, and the bumpers. Take as many photographs of the vehicle as possible at a 90-degree angle and when measuring pay close attention to the curves of the body, breaks in the panels, position of the handles, rivets, and other parts that protrude. The more attention you pay to these details, the more productive and professional your discussion will be with the customer and the better the quality of the finished design. As important as templates are for the design process, it is always better to physically inspect, measure, and photograph the vehicle to get an accurate feel of the task.

Discuss With the Customer Before You Start to Design 

It can be tempting to start designing custom car decals immediately after getting the order, however, it is far better to first discuss with the customer his expectations and preferences. By understanding what the customer wants, you can develop design concepts that are likely to meet with approval and not waste your time with unnecessary redesigns. Understanding what the business niche of the customer is will also help you develop an appropriate color scheme that not only has the necessary synergy but also takes the logo design into account.

Go Bold and Colorful With Your Design

The sole purpose of using vehicle decals and wraps is to attract the attention of potential customers to the brand so that they visit the store or inquire about buying the goods and services on offer. It is better done by using bold designs and a bright color palette as they make the wrap easier to notice even in the clutter and noise of the surroundings. It is important to develop a design that looks larger than life so that people on the roads can see it and relate to the business and brand from far. According to The Language Lab, you should take time to craft the message, so that it is clear and linked with the business goals.


Even though you need to make the decal design eye-catching, you should restrain yourself from creating complicated designs and crowding the available space with images the text. Make the design elegant and sophisticated with a lot of free space, so that it allows your communication to stand out. A crowded design looks messy, and people tend to avoid looking at it because they know they can’t understand it in the fleeting moment they have at their disposal.

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