Best Adventure Sports to Try in Australia

Adventure is like an adrenaline rush one can induce. From young kids going swimming to adults doing sky diving, everyone loves the thrill and excitement that comes along.

Australia is currently holding the number 8th position worldwide for the best adventure sports with Sydney, being the hottest spot. Karting in Sydney is just as famous as the burgers in America- quite inseparable.

Adventure sports have always been on our bucket lists but what we struggle with sometimes is what is the best sport to do. Where can one find the best opportunities?

Here is a list of thrilling sports that you can try along in any of your upcoming weekends!

  • Cliff diving

The best place for a professional to experiment with cliff-diving would be in Bali. The Blue Lagoon Clifftop in Sydney allows one to choose between different cliff heights and jump from one. The experience would allow you to go from 10 to 40 inches deep.

However, many might want to start safer and in an easier surrounding. One of the best cliffs to explore this sport is found in Sydney. The Jamberoo Action Park features a 5 inch and 3-inch rock jumping place. It is safer and kind of the best option for beginners.

  • Kayaking

This particular sport receives all its love from outdoor sports lovers. As adventurous it may sound, it can also get dangerous and life-threatening. Kayaking routes have been built in a way that you can cross forests and valleys all while rowing your slim boat!

Alaska is considered the best place to explore this sport. It has multiple places designed in a way that gives you an experience of the wilderness of nature. Kayaking in Alaska is one of the must-do things on anyone’s bucket list!

  • Bungee jumping

Macau Tower in China is known for the Guinness world record of highest commercial bungee jumping. Jumpers leap from a platform that is built 233m above the ground! The experience is surely breathtaking and only for the ones with a strong heart.

You can search for other places providing shorter platforms if you feel that this might be too much.

  • Scuba Diving

With the increasing interest from people all around the world, Scuba is now available in mostly all countries neighbouring an ocean/a sea. Malaysia is known for having one of the best points for diving when it comes to the underwater world. Even Sydney has gained attention as more than 12 beaches in the city itself offer this sport!

  • Go-Karting

Dubai, England, California, and so many more places are famous for go-karting. The fact that Sydney offers both indoor and outdoor options for kids and adults to have fun in their cute little karts makes it even more fun! You can have all the fun right here in Sydney. No need to go anywhere else!

Karting in Sydney is more than just a sport. It is a leisure activity that allows people to enjoy the thrill even in a safer setting.

  • Skydiving

This is one of the most common and fun-loving sports. You can enjoy this activity with little to no training. For beginners who just want to experience the joy of skydiving, a professional accompanies them to ensure their safety. If you wish to train as a solo diver, you can do some courses for the same. Such courses and training are readily available in countries that are tourist spots. Cities like Sydney offer licensed skydiving courses that can be completed at one’s own pace and even the fee does not need to be paid upfront! All this makes skydiving even more loved than the usual other adventure activities.

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