Avoid motorcycle and car accidents in Geneva with these simple tips.

Since most people assume that motorcycles are dangerous on the road as compared to cars, the cases with such inherent thinking can be biased and complicated. Hence it is crucial to seek a personal injury attorney’s recommendations at the earliest. The car accident attorney in Geneva, NY will help you in this while you recover from the injuries.

It is essential to have an eye for detail and preserve the evidence for the case.

What are the primary causes of motorcycle and car accidents?

– Many accidents occur due to a lack of visibility of your motorcycle by the car driver or other motorists. Motorcyclists need to be vigilant while riding; however, the responsibility does not lie entirely on them.

– Driving under the influence is the most common reason for an accident.

– Speeding is another cause of a fatal accident in both vehicles.

– Vehicle disability where the brake suddenly stops working.

– Negligent driving can be the reason to put other’s lives at stake.

What are the common injuries after a car accident?

Motorcycle and car accidents can lead to severe injuries depending upon the circumstances in which they happen.

It may lead to lifelong injuries or damage, which might get difficult to cope with.

Some examples of injuries are:

-Brain trauma due to the driver not wearing a seat belt.

-Back Injuries which may lead to lifelong disability.

-Bone Fractures that take a substantial amount of time to heal

-Internal organ damage or failure that could be life-threatening.

How to avoid a motorcycle or car accident?

Someone rightly said that preventing something from happening is better than curing afterward. No one wants to get into an accident, especially not an accident where it is someone else’s fault. But someone else’s negligence can lead to life-changing events. However, there are ways in which accidents can be prevented.

– Keeping to speed limits helps to avoid nasty collisions due to high speed.

– Wearing a seat belt may not prevent accidents but will primarily help avoid  and decrease the probability of sustaining serious injuries.

– Keeping up on your vehicle maintenance schedule such as oil changes and major fluid flushes and replacements will help avoid accidents due to your vehicle failing or dying on you.

– Never drive under the influence; it can be alcohol, drugs, or just overly emotionally stressed, but it can impair your driving abilities. 

– If you are a motorcyclist, wear clothing that is reflective and helps you to be visible to other drivers on the road.


Reckless driving is harmful to anyone on the road, and it is always advisable to follow the local law and abide by the traffic rules. If you are found faulty in any of these, your attorney would have a very hard time helping you in case.

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