Avoid integrating your recruitment database with the wrong recruiting platform 

One of the biggest assets for a staffing agency is its database. This is where the client and customer base’s entire information reside and how the recruiting business flourishes. By now, the importance of a recruitment software system is apparent to all. But do you know how vital it is to choose the best software for recruitment agencies?

Selecting the right CRM platform is critical for a myriad of reasons but we are here to discuss this particular one – avoid merging your recruitment database with the wrong recruiting software. It can seriously hamper your workflow.

Signs to look out for when searching for the best recruitment software UK

When you’ve determined that your recruiting business requires a cutting-edge software solution for your applicant database, it is right to start by reviewing the services of the CRM solution you have chosen. This is helpful as you narrow the field to those that best meet the demands of your business. For recruitment companies, purchasing and integrating recruitment CRM is a significant and pricey investment. Therefore, it’s imperative to be sure you’ve left no room for error.

And while not every crisis can be avoided, you can learn how to avoid critical errors. This goes for all types of CRM – temps software, executive search software for headhunters, perm CRM. Watch out for these five warning signs. If any of these issues ring true to you, your hunt for the ideal recruiting software is far from over.

Failing to perform a quick background check on the company 

Assume you have discovered hiring software that meets your requirements and is within your price range. It can be tempting to go ahead. But avoid committing yourself too quickly. Do a swift assessment of the company’s health. Nobody wants to be in a position where they are just starting to feel at ease with the recruitment platform when the service provider unexpectedly declares bankruptcy. As a result, you are left in the lurch and are unsure of where to look for solutions. Your sizable database, will it be returned to you? What strategy will you use to get it? Then, you’re back where you were six months ago restarting the hunt for the best recruitment database software.

Overlooking the remote staff

These days it is commonplace to have remote staff. Therefore, you need the right technology that supports your work style. So, when you test the recruitment software features, consider the entirety of your staff – office and home-based. You will require cloud-based software if some of your workers operate remotely yet require full access to the database. Getting only a server-based one while you are paying remote workers can result in a wide range of additional issues.

Lack of post-implementation CRM support

Remember that just because the software is installed, and your database is moved doesn’t mean your connection with the service provider is over. Ideally, you will want to utilise your new recruitment and pay and bill software for a long time so both parties should endeavour to keep this relationship strong. Pay attention to what other people are saying. You might want to think about taking your business somewhere else if they are receiving criticism for having excellent salespeople but terrible customer service. You need a business partner that can anticipate your needs and you will want to be assured they can give you the full tech support when you communicate your needs during the early stages.

Inadequate user training

When you are not familiar with your new pay and bill software, it can be difficult to navigate. You also want all your team to use the new recruitment platform to make the process of hiring easier. As a result, they will need thorough training to comprehend the many features and how well those work with the team’s requirements. Your team shouldn’t feel like they are facing a challenge; instead, they should be using the recruitment CRM system and becoming more productive. If the initial training doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect, what other options are there? Find out from others how well-trained the service provider is. To prevent their consumers from returning to them every few weeks with the same queries and issues, they need to spend on offering the finest training they can.

Forgetting the exit strategy

Prepare a sound escape plan in advance to avert a catastrophe. You do intend to use the recruitment database software extensively. But if you need to move on, it’s smart to be prepared about the way you will handle things. Inquire about the services they offer and the level of emergency support you might anticipate. When you leave, you’ll want to know what happens to your data, how simple it is to get it back, and whether you could be required to pay for it.

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