Are you are suitable for the travel and tourism industry?

A degree in Bachelor in travel and tourism in Maharashtra is definitely going to help in finding out a job right after your graduation. Travel & tourism industry is known for generating a variety of jobs, driving foreign revenues, promoting exports, and generating all-around prosperity. A bachelor in travel and tourism in Maharashtra degree holders normally grasp a bright and highly polished career through the degree in both the sectors private or public.

Jobs in the private and public sectors

A travel and tourism college in Mumbai helps students to gain various job roles in the directorates and different departments of tourism. These jobs offered to the graduates of bachelor in travel and tourism in Maharashtra are available either at the state or the central level. Graduates are regularly hired to work as information assistants, or information officers, tourist guides etc. Jobs also abound for these professional graduates in the private sector. They have been hired by various travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, transport & cargo companies, hotels, etc. The travel and tourism industry generate approx. 10 % of the global GDP in India before the pandemic hit the world economy.

Industry outlook in India

India is a one of the famous travel destination for any person living on Earth. India have a mixed cultures, a complex heritage, geographical diversities and a vast historical path. India offers a range of options to all present in one country to a traveler like beaches, forests, mountains, deserts, urban cities, & rural hamlets. This bachelor in travel and tourism in Maharashtra helps the professionals directly to contribute in boosting the Indian economy. This industry in India is ranked as the seventh-largest in the world and employs annually around 9% of the population who are graduates from travel and tourism colleges in Mumbai and other cities.

Major career options

The bachelor in travel and tourism in Maharashtra allows professionals to work in most of the MNCs, national & private airlines, custom services, travel agencies, & other tourism departments. Travel and tourism colleges in Mumbai graduates are hired in this field for their language proficiency and communication skills. These graduates or professionals may be employed to serve directly or indirectly a various of travelers through a host of corresponding service travel & tourism industries. Some of the productive career options for such professionals graduates are in the roles of travel agents, travel & tourism managers, travel & tourism coordinators, travel & tourism consultants, airline staff, travel & tourism operations, marketing executives or managers, public relations officer etc.

Salary prospects

Salaries offered to graduates with a bachelor in travel and tourism in Maharashtra are the best. Travel and tourism colleges in Mumbai graduates who gain work at the best companies are offered many other perks like free travel options. A travel and tourism graduate should ensure that they grab enough experience before they finish their graduation through internships or part-time jobs in the same field. An average salary of around 3 to 7 lacs per-Annum is offered to a travel and tourism graduate.

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