A Taste of Vegas at Home: How to Organize Your Very Own Casino Night

Keep Things Entertaining

One of the best ways to bring a little bit of Vegas to your event is to add a live show that nobody will be able to stop talking about!  Las Vegas is well known for its live acts and the incredible amount of entertainment it offers everyone who makes their way into town: so offer that at your event!

Some of the top acts to consider are lounge singers, stand-up comedians like Nathan Hurd, and illusionists who can leave people stunned!  Make sure to start planning far ahead so that you can book the talent you want to see!

Fun and Games

There’s no Vegas night without some fun and games!  Consider setting up a few poker tables, a pool table, and whatever other fun you think your crowd will want!  Although gambling is illegal in most states, you can offer tickets for prizes that people can take home at the end of the night.  Just make sure they’re prizes people will be excited about!

Pay Attention to Your Guests

Who are you inviting?  Although a Vegas-themed event may sound fun to most people, some will find it boring or simply won’t be fun to have around for a night like that.  Plan your guest list carefully, and try to make sure you have a great party of people who will be excited about everything you have to offer.  If most of the crowd doesn’t seem to be the time who wants a Vegas night, plan this for a different event!

Don’t Keep Em Hungry.

The worst thing you can do is leave people hungry!  Instead, make sure your party is decked out with foods that nobody will want to leave behind.  Las Vegas is known for its above-the-top buffets, so have fun with this idea!  You can even hire a great mixologist who would bring the best foods and drinks you could possibly want.  Although it can be pricey to do catering the full-Vegas-way, you can approximate the vibe with the right buffet!

Pick the Right Location

Where are you throwing this event?  Although you can make it a backyard party, that’s not very Vegas and probably won’t fit all of the people you want there.  Look around for a fun event space with an interesting and unique look, bonus points if you’re able to find a location that offers turn-of-the-century or early 1900s architecture to add a fun touch to the event!

You should also take the time to ensure that the location is one that your guests can easily access!  If nobody can get to the event space, they may not want to attend, which could mean you’re throwing away a lot of money on catering and entertainment.  Pick a location nearby.

You Can Throw A Vegas Night Unlike Any Other

Although throwing a party is a large endeavor, throwing a Vegas party is worth it!  Make this a night nobody can forget, and show your guests the spirit of the city of lights without having to physically go there! 

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