9 Most Frequently Asked Question by PTE Exam Aspirants

Are you planning to appear for the PTE Academic Exam? You must have got tons of questions whirling in your head. Well, here are answers to the 9 most common questions PTE Aspirants ask when considering taking the PTE exam.

1.What is PTE Exam?

PTE Academic exam is a computer-based exam that assesses the English language skills of an individual. PTE Exam has four modules – Speaking, Writing, Reading, and listening. Each module has several types of questions making it 20 different types in the entire exam. The test content is based on real-life and Australian community-based topics. Test takers come across graphs, summaries, excerpts, etc. PTE Score could range between 10-90.

2. Which countries accept PTE?


PTE Academic is accepted by 70+ countries across the world including major study abroad destinations; Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, and other countries. While 3000+ universities across the world accept PTE, Australia, New Zealand and UK Government also accept it for visa purposes.

PTE Exam can be taken from 308 centres. People from 180 nationalities have taken the PTE Test in 2019.

3. What is better IELTS or PTE Exam?

Both IELTS and PTE are English language ability tests taken by students who are applying for university/institution abroad. Most of the universities accept both IELTS and PTE. However, sometimes a university might give more preference to one over the other. Both tests follow a similar model of testing; so there isn’t a lot of difference in the language skills assessment. However, figuring which is better depends on the country and university one is choosing. If you are in the decision-making phase get in-depth information about the PTE and IELTS exam from PTE Tutorials and IELTS Tutorials.

However, you can compare the scores of PTE & IELTS with the help of the concordance table in the case where the universities consider both the skill tests.

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4. What’s considered a good PTE score?


The minimum PTE score is 10 and the maximum is 90. Although every university requirement is different, 70+ is considered a good score. Anything more than 80 is very good or let’s state excellent.

5. Is it possible to clear PTE Exam without preparation?

That’s more of a luck thing. Sometimes candidates think that “I have been studying English since the very beginning so why would I need to prepare separately for PTE Exam”.

Well, it is different. It might seem pretty easy but without preparation, you won’t be familiar with the topic, type of questions, time management, common errors, or make a strategy to prepare for all four modules and achieve your targeted PTE score. Proper Preparation is the only key to achieve PTE Exam success.

6. How can I achieve a high score with less PTE Study time?


Firstly, understand the PTE Exam structure. Once you know how each module is executed, question types, score associated, time allotted, you can come up with a PTE study plan. PTE mobile apps are proven to be quite helpful in such cases as you can study whenever you have time. If this seems stressful, you can always consult a professional and get a personalized study plan.

7. How to prepare for the PTE exam at home?


There are several effective ways to prepare for PTE at home and gain desired results:

Online Coaching- Several institutes provide online PTE Coaching and have achieved a high success rate. With interactive live lessons, these professionals make sure you are well prepared for the exam.

Video Tutorials– You can find 1-2 YouTube channels that steadily share module-specific lessons, tips & tricks, webinars, live classes, and other important PTE-related videos.

Study Materials- You can prepare with practice materials, scored & unscored tests, exam memories. Practice can give your PTE preparation a real boost. You must also take the mock tests or the scored tests, for analysing your PTE preparation and improving it.

Mobile App- Find the well-featured PTE study app that gives unlimited practice and preparation sources you can use anywhere, anytime.

8. What are the most common mistakes?


‘Small mistakes can cost you Big’

Aspirants tend to make these mistakes affecting their overall PTE score

  • Using filler sounds like Ahh or hmm.
  • Incorrect use of tenses
  • Overusing particular preposition
  • Taking long pauses while speaking
  • Trying to impersonate the accents
  • Try to use words they find difficult to pronounce

Learn in detail about these common mistakes you must avoid in the PTE Exam to achieve your desired score.

9. Can I take PTE Test online?


PTE Academic Online test is planned to commence from 16th November 2021. This is going to be different from the regular PTE academic test. The difference lies in test duration, the number of test items, scorecard. The latest PTE test changes have brought a lot of questions to aspirants’ minds like how to take the online test, how to prepare for the PTE exam at home, what changed, how to get a high PTE Score etc. which are comprehensively cleared in the blog by PTE Tutorials.

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