8 tips for taking your kids to the movies

Going to the movies with children can be an overwhelming experience for both parents and others who attend the function. However, for the first visit to the cinema with your children, you need to take into account certain aspects that will help you have better control of the situation.

  1. If you’re determined to take your children in cinema, choose a movie that interests them, whether it’s their favorite cartoon or a character that catches their attention. Of course, it has to be a movie suitable for his age, since the action and special effects saturate his senses. This is very crucial to keep their attention. Even though their favorite character is on the screen, they might get bored and want to start getting in and out of their seat or want to run. Also, the duration of the film is important to know if it is suitable for your children.
  2. Explain to the children what the cinema is about days before visiting it. Describe the place to them that the room is dark, the sounds are loud, and to keep quiet so everyone can enjoy the movie. Tell them that it is not a place to run, to shout and that they should be seated so as not to disturb others. Review the conditions so that they assimilate how they should behave, and before entering the function remind them what they can and cannot do.
  3. Sit on the edges. Remember that they are children and that they will want to go to the bathroom, that they may get bored, they may be scared and cry. Being on the banks, it is easier to get out without disturbing so many people.
  4. Sometimes you need to explain certain scenes to them so they don’t get scared or so they understand the characters better. If they have questions, answer them and help them clarify their feelings. The most important thing is to take care that the experience is fun for them.
  5. If the children are too bored, there is no need to stay until the end of the movie. You can walk out into the hall with him for a moment to ask how he’s feeling, if he has any concerns, and if he’s ready to sit down for a while. If you notice that he is very restless, it is better to leave when the child decides, this way we will avoid unpleasantness, scolding, and gestures from the other spectators. Another day they can come back or they can finish seeing it by other means.
  6. When leaving the cinema you can ask him some questions that help exercise his memory, his emotional intelligence, and his morale. You can ask him from the names of the characters, or ask him if he remembers any special scenes.
  7. Choose well the snacks to eat during the movie. The best is popcorn, or bring fruit to enjoy the function. They can be apples, bananas, cucumbers, carrots, or vegetables that you can easily hold in your hands without the need for cutlery. Remember that everything is dark.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your child has a good time and has a pleasant experience. As he gets older, he will understand what to do and how to enjoy movies.

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