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7 Tips and Tricks When Buying Tiles Online

Tiles are a very popular choice for flooring, wall decoration, and kitchen backsplashes. Traditionally they were only available in stores but now you can buy tiles online from the comfort of your own home. This article will share 7 tips and tricks when buying tiles online to help you make an informed decision on what type of tile is best for your project.

Tip #1: Read the Product Descriptions

When you buy tiles online, always read the product descriptions carefully. Different tile stores will use different terminology which can make it difficult to compare products from different sellers unless you are familiar with what they mean. For example, if the tiles are described as being ceramic then that means they have a clay-based composition whereas porcelain is fired at higher temperatures and has more of a glassy finish. If you already know this information about tiles then simply look out for phrases like “high quality” or “premium”.

Tip #2: Buy in Bulk When You Can

If your project requires many square meters of flooring or wall space, see if there’s an option to purchase multiple boxes at once so you get better value for money. For example, you might be able to buy 36 tiles instead of 12. A box typically contains 30 square feet so if you need 300 square feet then buying in bulk could save $150!

Tip #3: Customize Your Order

If your project requires different-sized tiles or more than one color scheme try contacting the retailer directly before making a purchase and asking for custom order options. You can ask them how much it will cost to make changes like this or whether they are willing to do it at all. This is an option that many retailers offer because people’s needs vary greatly which means everyone has unique requirements when decorating their home.

Tip #4: Seek Out Deals

Check the tiles for sale page on major tile retailers like Amazon, The Tile Shop, and Wayfair to see if there are any discounts available. You can also sign up for their mailing lists which will send you notifications about sales or special discounts when they happen. This is a great way of saving money because even small reductions in price can make a huge difference over time!

Tip #5: Buy From Major Retailers

Many people choose to buy tiles online from smaller independent sellers but this isn’t always the best idea especially if your project requires many square meters of flooring or wall space that needs covering. Smaller stores may lack some important features that larger ones offer such as an extensive range of tiles. You can compare products from different tiles stores easily if you buy tiles online from the bigger ones because their inventories are often linked which means you’re able to see product information, prices, and photos without having to visit each individual website.

Tip #6: Beware of Fake Reviews

There have been cases where unscrupulous sellers have posted fake reviews on competitor websites so it’s important to always check multiple sources before making a purchase decision. Never rely solely on one site for your research because this increases the chances that you will fall victim to false advertising by unethical retailers!

Tip #: Buying Tiles Online is Easy With So Many Retailers Offering Free Shipping

Nowadays when you spend above a certain amount, it makes sense that more retailers are offering free shipping on tiles online because this is a great way of attracting new customers.


When it comes to buying tiles, there’s no need to stress or spend hours researching different retailers, product types, and installation methods because we’ve done all the hard work for you here at MCP Interiors! Check out more examples by visiting us online today. Thanks again for reading – we hope your experience was an enjoyable one!

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