7 Mistakes that Affects the Durability of Air Conditioner

Air conditioning appliances are designed to be durable during heatwaves and summers. However, poorly maintained systems are contaminated with harmful microorganisms. Continuous exposure to these microorganisms can cause health problems such as allergies, respiratory diseases, and asthma problems.

Other than adverse effects on health, poorly maintained AC is also heavy on the pocket once they give up. It’s more likely that you would have to change the model due to various technical shortcomings.

So, how can you technically ruin a system you don’t touch but just turn the power on?

Below are 7 common mistakes that people have adopted as habits causing harm to the AC life. Fixing these problems contributes to energy saving, money saving and will add to your comfort.

7 Habits That Harms the Durability of Your Air Conditioner

Being Miser About the Bill

It’s a common practice to turn off the fan entirely while the AC is running. We get it if you want to save money. However, the absence of air regulation in the room puts pressure on the AC compressor leading to excessive use of energy. Without a fan’s airflow, it actually takes longer for the air conditioner to work especially in extreme heat regions.

Using a ceiling fan helps regulate the cool air in the house which reduces the stress on the AC and saves it from overworking or overheating. If you want to save money, set your thermostat between 72 -78 degrees.

Next time you want the room to go chilly as soon as possible, turn on both ac and ceiling fan on a moderate level of power.

Condenser Unit Extra Energy Consumption:

The positioning of the condenser unit matters a lot. One of the biggest mistakes you make is positioning the Ac’s outer unit/condenser unit directly into the sunlight or in a place where there is no regulation.

In the region with extreme heat, during the day the unit is overworked in attempts to keep itself cool and functioning. In such an instance, the unit is working to its limit to keep the outer and inner both working perfectly.

Your outer should also be positioned under the insulation shade to avoid direct contact with heat and you should also keep the area clean.

Understating Programmable Thermostat:

A programmable thermostat is an innovative technology to adapt to the needs of the environment. Using the programmable software, you save energy and your room will always be at a soothing temperature. These programmable thermostats are automatic and adjust the degrees according to the weather of the room. The modern thermostat also prevents your AC unit from overheating.

Programmable thermostats significantly increase your AC durability and maintain cooling efficiency.

Neglecting AC filters:

Filters are designed to keep the debris and dust out from the system and the home air. Neglecting the cleaning process of the AC process can solidify the unit’s evaporator coil. Cleaning your AC filters is fairly a simple process that can be learned through YouTube tutorials.

Dust is one of the biggest contributors to damaging the filters and affecting the air quality. Build-up dust and debris on the filter can also individual’s asthma and respiratory diseases.

Neglecting annual services:

What is it that we don’t understand the importance of appliance maintenance? Annual maintenance of electrical appliances is important to spot a minor technical problem before it turns into a costly repair task. Opting for annual maintenance increases the durability of the appliance and you may get educated more about the self-maintenance of the appliance with interaction with the best ac maintenance companies Dubai.

Even if your appliance is as good as new, you should go for annual services or at least opt for an annual inspection.

Not Paying Attention Unusual Odor:

We rarely pay attention to odor caused by the dirty ducts of the AC covering the odor often with air fresheners. If you smell a musty, moldy, or smoky odor, then the ducts desperately require your attention. Cleaning ducts is important since they can get contaminated over time. Combined with microorganisms, dirt, and mold, the ducts produce strange odors.

Your AC ducts should be cleaned at least quarterly. Even if your AC model is ductless split, you will need to filter out and wipe down the dirt from it.

You’re Using the Wrong Model:

Non-professionals can easily misjudge the parameter of the room and the AC tons required to efficiently regulate cool air in the room. If you have too heavy or too light AC for a moderately large or small room it will affect the productivity and durability of the AC.

It is advised to also take recommendations of a professional concerning the model of an AC. If you think a seller is ripping you out, consult an AC maintenance company for recommendations based on the room dynamics and your required usage.

Any appliance that isn’t maintained and services at least once a year loses its durability regardless of brand guarantee and the hefty amount you have paid. Machines that work continuously on a daily basis require off time and maintenance for efficiency.

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