5 Smart Tricks to Buy the Best Seeds Online

The pandemic saw an increase in the number of people who became interested in gardening. Planting different kinds of crops became a relaxation for those stuck at home. It is why plenty of home gardeners buy seeds online to add to their plant collection.

But first-time gardeners may find it challenging to purchase the right seeds for their home gardening project. It would be hard for them to determine how to take care of the plant that will bloom from the seed. Given below are some tricks to help you find the best seeds you can buy online.

Trick #1: Ask for Referral 

When buying seeds online for the first time, it is necessary to ask experienced gardeners for advice. The seasoned gardeners know where to get high-quality seeds on the Internet.

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If you have no idea where to ask questions, you can reach out to different garden clubs and organisations in your area. The Garden Clubs of Australia has a list of affiliated clubs on their website.

Trick #2: Check Out the Label 

Before purchasing any seeds, it is crucial to understand what you are buying to ensure that you know what to do with them when planting in your garden. The label will also let you know which ones are easy to cultivate and which requires extra care.

Some of the details mentioned in the label include:

  • Seed origin
  • Watering tips
  • Sunlight requirements
  • Soil preference
  • Timeframe for maturity
  • Best time to sow

The label will also let you know if the seed is Biologically Engineered/GMO. non-GMO, or Hybrid. Experts recommend getting non-GMO seed varieties to ensure that your garden will remain chemical-free and safe for everyone in your household.

Trick #3: Understand Your Climate Zone

Each packet of seeds sold online mentions the ideal climate type or zone for growing the plant. There are six major climate classifications in Australia, including:

  • Tropical
  • Subtropical
  • Equatorial
  • Desert
  • Temperate
  • Grassland

Understanding the appropriate climate zone is a critical factor in planting seeds at home. Some plant varieties grow healthier in cooler climates than in hotter areas. So always check the label before purchasing any seed online.

Trick #4: Buy According to Your Needs 

There are times when the seeds that you purchased will not make it to your garden, especially if you have bought them several years back. You may have made the purchase because you were enticed by the picture of the plant that it represents or the descriptions posted on the label.

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To avoid wasting the seeds that you purchased online, you need to understand your limits and practice some restraint from buying too many seeds. If you cannot find the time to plant the seeds after receiving your order, there will be a big chance that you will not be able to find the time to grow them in your garden anytime soon.

Trick #5: Plan Your Garden

The place where you will plant is also a crucial factor when choosing the seeds that you will purchase online. While you may find plenty of beautiful flowering plants in online catalogues, not all of them may suit your garden. It can be a problem if you have limited space at home.

So before you buy seeds online, check out the space where you intend to plant them to ensure every seed will get utilised. You may also come with an outline to have a visual plan of where you will plant the seeds.

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