5 Most Common Types of Wrongful Termination Lawsuits in Paramus

It’s unjust when an employer lets one of its employees go without just cause. At the same time, it happens all the time and many employees don’t know their legal rights or how to find a lawyer that is knowledgeable about wrongful termination law. 

Learning how to determine if your termination was unjust may be difficult without proper guidance. So, it is essential to seek legal help from a Paramus wrongful termination attorney. An attorney can help you determine whether there is a scope for filing wrongful termination lawsuit in your case.

For now, we will see into the 5 most common types of wrongful termination lawsuits.

  • Discrimination or harassment

Discrimination or harassment cases are common among wrongful termination lawsuits. The employer uses this as a reason to terminate an employee. Discrimination happens when the employer doesn’t show the same favoritism to employees who are of one gender or those who belong to a certain race or ethnicity. It can also be seen in some workplaces that have a lot of employees from one particular country. If you notice this being done, then you may have protection under employment laws for discrimination cases.

  • Retaliation

Another common type of wrongful termination lawsuit deals with the employer who has retaliated against an employee who has protested being mistreated in the company. This happens after the employee voiced out his/her opinion. Sometimes, the employer retaliates by firing the employee.

  • Breach of contract

If an employer has broken his or her contractual obligations, then you have a chance of winning a wrongful termination case. For example, if you are the one who has signed on for a probationary period and your employer never gave you the trial period. Or, if your employer’s contract has expired and he/she terminated you during that period.

  • Ignoring protected leave

If you are entitled to something by law then you have a case. This includes if your employer has ignored your request for sick leave, jury duty, and military leave. You are protected from these requests and your employer is obliged to follow them.

  • Failure to provide proper accommodations

If an employer doesn’t provide you accommodation for something that could be considered a disability, then you have a good case for a wrongful termination lawsuit. It’s essential to know your rights before filing.

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