5 Considerations Before Choosing a Lawn Mower for Purchase

Are you looking for more information on selectinga lawn mower? In this article, I will be discussing the different things to consider before selecting and purchasing a lawn mower for your yard. By doing so, you will be able to get the results out of the selected mower.

Lawn mowers are machines that utilize one or many revolving blades that are used to cut grass surfaces evenly. The height to cut the grass is majorly adjusted by the operator of the mower. There are different types of lawn mowers such as walk-behind mowers, ride-on lawn mowers, hover mowers, robotic mowers, hand held lawn mowers among others. Below are tips to follow when choosing a lawn mower.

The Engine

When choosing lawn mowers in Kenya, select one that has a high-quality engine that is in line with the kind and size of work you want it to accomplish. It is good to let the seller assist or advice you on the best engine size and type to purchase depending on the size and type of your yard. Doing research first before purchase is also a good option.

The size of your yard

Determining the size of your yard before purchasing a mower is very critical. By doing so it will help you to determine the type and size of mower you need. The smaller the yard the smaller the mower it will be hence the lesser the cost. For example, yards less than ¾ acres, a mower of 20-22 inches will be advisable. For more than ¾ acre yard, a mower is advisable of 28-42 inches.

The terrain of your yard

The terrain of your yard is the basis for selecting the type of lawn mowers to use or purchase. You will require a walk behind a mower that is typical for a small and flat yard. For a sloppy and hilly yard, you will require a walk behind a mower that is self-propelled. For rough terrain, it will be easier to use a walk mower that has big wheels at the back.

Features of the lawn mower

Some features are important to look into as you purchase a mower. For example, the type of blade present. A mulching blade results in finely cut grass and one does not need to collect leftovers after the mowing process. There is a bagging mower that you will need to insert a bag at the back or the side to collect the remains of the cut grass.

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The physical condition of the owner

When choosing a mower, take into consideration your age and any other health issues that you have not forgotten your physical condition. Different types of mowers fit different types of people so it is upon oneself to choose wisely in line with the conditions that you may have.


A lawn mower has come with advanced technology and it has helped a lot in the lawn cleaning sector. Different mowers fit differently on specific conditions. All you have to do is to search for a mower that fits your yard perfectly and your condition if any. For more, check

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