4 Things to consider when getting custom suits

While some men are satisfied purchasing off-the-rack suits and then getting the alterations done by a tailor, some prefer wearing a suit exclusively for them. You have landed here; it seems you have already decided not to buy a suit off the rack but rather invest in a bespoke suit made just for you. Custom tailor-made suits have long been a symbol of the business elite. Cut for each individual and made with the utmost in craftsmanship, custom suits deliver the best fit and quality.

These suits are tailored according to the person’s specific measurements and offer a perfectly flattering fit. However, you would need to spend a few extra bucks for a custom-made suit; they are worth it if you get them tailored at the best possible place, or you are likely to be left unsatisfied. After all, if the suit does not fit perfectly, you have wasted your time and money getting it custom-tailored.

Whether buying your wedding suit or just thinking of sprucing up your wardrobe with a brand new custom-tailored suit, getting a suit tailored is a daunting task because a lot goes into buying a suit; this article has summed up four key things you need to consider when making your purchase to give you ease. Continue reading!


Fabric selection is the most critical aspect of buying a suit. This is because the fabric you choose determines how your suit feels and how it looks and performs. Suits can be tailored in several fabrics: wool, flannel, corduroy, silk, linen, tweed, cotton, etc. Therefore, when buying a custom suit, you need to answer a few questions like, Do you want something breathable and lightweight? Or thick and warm? Do you sweat a lot? For which season you are buying it? However, avoiding synthetic fabrics is always advisable and looking for a high-quality and most refined finish.


When buying a suit, its style is an essential consideration you need to make. Though you can get it designed in whichever way you like, men’s suits are tailored primarily in two different styles:

  • Single-breasted suits: These suits come with a single column of buttons and narrow fabric overlapping. Single-breasted suits are versatile and hence can be worn in business and social events.
  • Double-breasted suits: In contrast, these suites feature two columns of buttons spanned by a large overlap of the fabric. These offer a formal and business look and hence are less versatile.


Next comes the colour! The colour of the suit is an important thing to consider when buying custom-tailored suits because it also makes a difference in how it looks. While many men take it as an advantage of custom-made suits as they get a wide range of colour options, some feel it a daunting task to imagine the style of the suit on an unstitched fabric.


Last but not least, one of the biggest considerations when having a custom suit made is who will make it for you. After all, clothing apparel is as good as the tailor who designs it for you. What if you invest a significant amount of money in getting a suit and buy an ill-fitted suit. Annoying! Therefore, it is crucial to find a tailor who has years of experience in crafting custom suits. Especially if you are getting a custom-made suit for the first time and don’t know much about how the details should look and fit, it is better to find someone highly experienced and skilled.

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