4 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Thinking Things Out Ahead of Time

Sure, there are some brides who simply put together an impromptu bouquet, and in certain scenarios, that’s a fine way to go. Wedding ceremonies are important, but the pomp and circumstance surrounding the event itself is less important than the actual union.

A marriage brings together different people in a way that forms a lasting bond, even being foundational to a family in many cases. That’s what’s important. So commemorating the occasion decoratively certainly makes sense; but it’s not the point of the event. It’s frosting, the union is the cake.

Make the upcoming union between you and your future spouse the focus of the affair, and from there choose décor. Think each decoration out, all the way to the flowers carried down the aisle. On that note, here are a few points you might want to think about for the bouquet.

1. Consider Which Local Flowers Are in Season

Granted, you can always have flowers shipped in if the need arises—modernity makes the most remote flowers more available than ever. However, when you can buy flowers locally, and in season, you’ll get them at a discount, and they’ll organically match the ceremonial arrangements more closely.

Decor tends to, at least in some degree, reflect local ecology. Just think about a home in Montana as opposed to one in Florida. Matching event décor to local flora is likely going to prove a good move.

2. Match Floral Arrangements to Overall Decor

Another option is matching whatever floral bouquet you choose with the decorative theme of the wedding overall. If localized décor reflects the region, this may be the same as point one.

Often it doesn’t, though. For example, some ceremonies have a sort of “gothic” theme, others have a “fantasy” theme, others have a “futuristic” theme; some millennials even have Star Wars themed weddings. Bouquets may differ in each scenario.

3. It’s Not a Bad Idea to Match Flowers to Your Wedding Dress

What kind of wedding dress will you be wearing during the event? You might just want to match with your wedding flowers. If you’re doing something traditionally pure, you may want white lilies. If you’re going with a “dark” theme, maybe get some died roses. There are all sorts of options; find what will best complement your gown.

4. Assure You Prefer the Aroma of the Flowers You Choose

Regardless of the color or type of flowers, you need to be sure what you choose isn’t unpleasant to smell. Certainly, all flowers smell “good”, but some have an overpowering scent that can give you a headache.

You don’t need to be woozy and out-of-sorts walking down the aisle. There will be excitement and stress percolating at the fringes of your conscious already. Don’t set yourself up for failure with a bouquet that makes you feel unwell.

Blooming Like The Flowers You Hold

Get flowers with a smell you like. Match flowers to your dress. If you can, also match them to décor overall, and consider a decorative motif which in some way reflects local flora in the region where you’re getting married. Of course, these are just suggestions, but hopefully, they help you make the best decorative choices for your upcoming wedding.

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