3 benefits of the Alter G

While physical exercises are known to help keep fit and put the body in great shape, other exercises like yoga target the body and mind and one’s mental health. These exercises are good but have one or two downsides, and not everyone can indulge in them.

Now, what do you think of an anti-gravity technology that lets you exercise your body to the fullest without any negative after-effects? Well, that’s what the AlterG treadmill does to you!

In a nutshell, this article reveals everything worth knowing about the AlterG exercise. Its meaning, relevance, and benefits have been aptly captured; only ensure to read to the end.

Let’s begin by explaining the meaning of AlterG so that a good grasp of the concept may be facilitated in the short run.

What Is the Alter G Exercise?

Imagine a technology that lets you stretch beyond the limit of your natural body, an exercise that allows you to transcend your exercise boundaries. That’s simply the idea behind the AlterG, and it’s an incredible anti-gravity treadmill that lets you exercise by defying the laws of gravity. Regardless of your physical impediments or bodily limitations, this technology can be explored to attain a higher fitness level for your body.

Interestingly the AlterG was initially created for astronauts by NASA to enhance their mobility in space, a no gravity zone. Subsequently, it has been adapted to help patients who struggle to go through the rigors of physical exercises because of several bodily impairments and health-related conditions.

Benefits of AlterG

AlterG has many benefits; however, the most crucial ones are explained below:

  • Alleviates bone, joint, and muscle stress

Physical treadmill exercises are good but may wear out the bones, muscles, and joints at some point. This is not the case with the AlterG treadmill, as it features an unweighting technology that helps you exercise without exerting stress on your lower body. The anti-gravity treadmill comes with tech-optimized shorts that, once worn, allow you to sync with the pressure oozing from the machine, thus unweighting your entire body. It lets you run for a long time without getting fatigued. Certainly, it is perfect for every kind of patient, especially those recuperating from knee injuries and leg surgeries.

  • Comfortability

Although the science behind AlterG technology may sound incredible, the fact remains that it’s built to guarantee safety and comfort. The anti-gravity treadmill is flanked around by safety bars and belts that you may use to support yourself while exercising. Also, you don’t just exercise by yourself; a clinician would be assigned to guide and support you while you exercise on the treadmill. The procedures are not hazardous, nor do you have to worry about falling off the machine. AlterG transcends the physical machines in that the chances of spraining your muscles are limited to the barest minimum. In all, it’s specially designed for you to attain optimal workouts regardless of your physical condition.

  • Therapeutic

Apart from the fact that AlterG helps you to exercise appropriately, it also aids your healing process. Physiotherapists indulge their recuperating patients in rehabilitative exercises to help them in their recovery process. It takes a lot of time (even up to many years) for the healing process to be perfected, especially if the patient has suffered from severe bodily damage. AlterG is the surest alternative that lets you heal swiftly. AlterG’s process is regulated, painless, and poses no devastating side effects to your health; instead, it helps speed up your recovery.

AlterG is highly recommendable for you to get the best workout and stay fit all year long.

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