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10 Kid Friendly Living Room Plans For Budding Families

Living rooms specially designed for kids are rare. But keeping the young ones in mind can achieve an inclusive living room style by balancing the tastes of adults and kids. Irrespective of age, all the people in the family have their ideas on how to design their living space. The living room should be adaptable to hosting family functions, movie nights, kids play and transform into a relaxation space when needed. But a living area is limited; hence you will have to mix and match ideas to make the room fit for all. Apart from the decor and theme, Wakefit recommends choosing the best furniture to make your living space accommodative to all age groups.

A living room with kids can most often get messy very soon, and it takes a lot of effort to tackle the mess. Make your living room smart enough for storage so that you can enjoy a clutter-free space. Sometimes you cannot avoid your kids doing their homework in the living room. So make sure the living room is ideal enough to hold their academic stuff and make it easy enough for them to focus. Choosing the best kind of  living room furniture that feels friendly and adaptive to your living room is the best solution. Here are a few kids friendly living room plans to help you order the right furniture.

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1. Allow the room to feel spacious:

Space isn’t sufficient in most homes today. However, to make the room feel light and airy, do not overcrowd the room with all kinds of furniture you find in the store. The kids need to walk around freely. Go for essential furniture online and place them in a way they do not take away most of the room space. This allows free movement of both adults and kids.

2. Use the right kind of sofa set

A sofa set that feels soft and firm can be used in the living room. Make sure the sofa is durable as it has to bear all the jumping and mischief of kids. It is also wise to choose a bright coloured sofa for a bright and attractive feel. You can also choose a comfortable corner sofaset online if space is a concern. Corner sofas are big enough to hold the entire family during the evenings. Large sectionals also create a safe space for the kids to play freely and safely.

3. Allot a separate area called the play zone

A play zone can be an awkward corner or the space under the stairs where the kids can play with their toys like building blocks, barbies and cars. This play zone in the living room helps the parents keep an eye on the children while at play. It also gives kids the freedom to play with scattered toys. To save space, you can also use a storage utility tv unit with room to store toys so that the kids do not have to run around to fetch their playthings.

4. Customise a wardrobe below the stairs to store toys

Displaying toys all over the place makes the room look messy. Apart from the tv unit, the best idea to store toys in the living room is to build a cupboard under the stairs. This cupboard can, later on, be used as a regular storage unit. The built-in storage is a significant advantage to small living rooms as they help you maximise the limited space and de-clutter the room in no time.

5. Replace sharp edges with upholstered ones

Families with toddlers find it difficult to manage them while they run around the house. Sometimes the kids tend to get hurt while playing around. To avoid this, try swapping sharp edge furniture with upholstered ones. Make sure your seats are also upholstered. Otherwise, they might hurt the children. Do not use any glass worked furniture or tabletops on a lower level. Glass is fragile and can break when your young ones run into them.

6. Use the right kind of fabrics

Fabrics chosen for your sofa set or dining chairs should be durable enough as they are prone to damage made by the kids. Sometimes functionality is as important as aesthetics. If you are worried about expensive materials used by the children in the room, go for thick and sustainable fabrics that last longer and, at the same time, match the living room decor.

7. Embrace Colour

Bold and bright colours can be pleasing to the eye and attractive to the kids. Design your walls and furniture in a way that they display a range of colours and patterns. A bright coloured wall shelf or a pastel coloured cushion cover can add to the mix. Pick the best-coloured fabric options that balance comfort and practicality.

8. Include a variety of seating styles

Seating styles vary between adults and kids. The kids might need chairs of lower heights and tables that they can reach. Choose your furniture in such a way that the kids feel comfortable using chairs and tables and are within their reach. Remember to personalise seating styles for all family members as each one is going to use the living room. You can also add a nice swing if space permits so that the kids could play on it sometimes.

9. Get strategic with your storage

Storage in any form is wise when it comes to a house with kids. As we know, kids have a lot of stuff like toys, books, dresses, accessories etc. Accommodating all their things without cluttering the room is a real challenge to parents. So it is wise to use every nook and corner of the room viable for storage. It could be a bookshelf to store books or a wall shelf to display their trophies. Manage the space efficiently.

10. Choose adaptable furniture

Avoid expensive furniture and look for reasonable and sustainable ones that bear the tantrums of your kids. For example, you can use sofa sectionals that can be remodelled from time to time based on your requirement.


Having a sleek and stylish living room in the presence of kids is possible as the furniture manufacturers have come up with many durable and easy to clean options that make your work easy. Try designing a living room with colour and full of life for quality family time.

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