What To Do When The Insurance Company Calls You After A Truck Accident?

After a truck accident, it is not uncommon to receive a call from the insurance company. Usually, they call to check on you and conduct a little investigation of the situation. Insurance companies are supposed to handle the situation in a fair way to the victim. However, at the end of the day, the company will look out for itself rather than outsiders. 

When you get into a truck accident, it is important that you know how to speak with the insurance adjuster. No matter how careful you may think you are, the insurance companies know how to play with your mind. The best option is to ignore their calls and ask them to speak to your Stockton truck accident attorney

What should you say to the independent adjuster?

First of all, it is noteworthy that you are under no legal obligation in Stockton to speak or even pick up their call. If they visit your home in person, you are allowed to not let them in as well. 

Secondly, you should always treat insurance adjusters with respect. Be calm and polite throughout the entire conversation. Even though you be might be angry, and under a lot of stress, anger can sometimes make you say things you regret later. Remember that they are only here to search for reasons to devalue or reject your claim. So make sure you do not do or say something that helps them in their plan. 

It is best not to get into details much, no matter what they ask. Try to answer each question with one word or under 1 to 2 lines. Not getting into details is crucial because right after the accident, even you do not fully understand the situation. You do not know the full extent of your injuries or your damages. Therefore, saying anything without being sure about it can cost you. 

Should you settle?

Absolutely not. Do not make the mistake of settling an insurance amount on the first visit. Insurance companies usually target you right after the accident because, at that time, you do not fully understand the scope of your damages. 

This makes it easier for them to make any amount look big. For example, if the total cost of your medical bills is $200,000 and you accept an offer of $100,000 thinking its enough, it will cost you later. You will then be required to pay the rest of the amount out of your own pocket, which you certainly do not want. 

When an insurance adjuster approaches you, the best thing to do is to let your attorney speak to them. When they see that you have an attorney, they are less likely to waste their time playing dirty tricks and tactics and get to the point faster. 

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