What mistakes do UPSC aspirants make?

Mistakes are inevitable in life, and sometimes they can take place more at the time of the preparation of an examination that is really tough, like the exams of UPSC Civil Services. Some of those mistakes can cost the aspirants a lot.

So, to prevent this from happening, it is better to sort out the mistakes and rectify those along with choosing a reliable UPSC online coaching.

The process of the UPSC exam can be really tough as well as mentally taxing. A good number of aspirants cannot be able to go to the final phase, which is securing their names in the final merit list.

However, those who can have their names in the list, by working really hard, may have one thing in common: which is, they all had a strategy that is well-planned, and a clear road map to prevent any kind of common mistakes from happening.

So, you always need to be aware of some really common mistakes and avoid those while you are preparing for the UPSC exam. In this case, a flexible and well-designed strategy can be very helpful.

So, to help you out, here is a list of some of those common mistakes that you need to avoid to successfully complete your preparation for the UPSC exams with the help of UPSC online coaching.

Common mistakes that you should avoid while preparing for the UPSC exam

1. Not reading Newspapers

Some aspirants rely on the magazines of current affairs or websites to enhance their general knowledge, but you need to remember that the newspapers are the main and most reliable source of those everyday facts and news.

It can offer you some fresh and new news through which you can easily enhance your knowledge without any extra trouble.

Newspapers are a source of a great amount of knowledge regarding various fields and different areas as well. Thus, reading one or two newspapers daily can help you a lot with your preparation for the UPSC exam.

2. Not following the UPSC syllabus

The syllabus provided by the UPSC board is the most important thing which you need to follow from the very first day of your exam preparation if you wish to become successful. Following the syllabus will give you enough time to successfully complete your preparation. This syllabus will help you a lot in planning the entire design and strategy for effective learning.

3. Not practicing answer writing

Many students wait to finish the syllabus before practicing their writing skills. This is another type of mistake that can greatly affect your preparation process. So, start to practice how to write the answers effectively while you are going through the syllabus. As it will not only improve your memory but also help you in improving your typing and writing skills.

4. Not practicing the Mock test papers

While practicing your writing skills, you should also remember to solve some Mock test papers on a regular basis. In the IAS Prelims, this will help you a lot by reducing the number of negative answers. On the other hand, in the IAS Mains exam, you will be able to complete your answer papers without any extra effort. In this case, UPSC online coaching can help you a lot.

All of these above-mentioned points show that avoiding these small yet powerful mistakes along with a noteworthy UPSC online coaching can help you a lot with your preparation for the UPSC exam.

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